Homemade rich nail cream

finger nailsYou might be lucky enough to possess strong, healthy nails. But it is imperative that you keep them that way. While some women clean the utensils with their bare hands and try to remove the ingrained dirt sticking on to them by scratching with their nails, still others use their nails as screw drivers, brush, a tin opener or as a gardening shovel. Likewise, many do not think twice before immersing their fingers in harsh detergent solutions and other chemicals. All these activities can make the otherwise healthy nails to become brittle and lose their natural luster. Remember these points:

* Nails should not be kept too long that there is a possibility of their breaking nor should they be cut too short so that they expose the nail bed.

* Always use a mild soap or a hand wash while cleaning your hands.

* Do not forget to wear gloves while attending to household chores like washing, cleaning or gardening.

* Avoid direct contact with harsh detergents and other soap solutions.

* Also do not immerse your hands in water for long periods of times. This weakens the nasoaking fingernailsils.

brushing fingernails

* To remove the dirt off the nails, put your hands in lukewarm water to which a drop of a mild shampoo is added. Remove them after 1-2 minutes and gently clean them with a soft brush or soft linen.

* To remove stains from your nails and fingers try some of the home remedies.

* For keeping the nails shining and strong, sometimes in your leisure time, massage the nails and the cuticles with olive oil, with slow and gentle strokes.

* Massaging nails with the diluted water of alum also keeps them shining.

* A gentle massage with mustard (sarson) oil also helps.

* You can also use this homemade rich nail cream.


1 teaspoon avocado (butter fruit) pulp
1 teaspoon egg yolk
1 teaspoon honey
A pinch of salt


Blend all the ingredients to a smooth consistency. Apply a small quantity of the paste to each nail, massaging gently into cuticles and surrounding skin. Rinse off after half an hour. You may prepare this cream in a larger quantity by increasing the proportions of the ingredients and store it in the refrigerator, to be used within a month.beautiful fingers

For the oils and the creams to work on your nails and for better results you shouldn’t use your fingers or nails for at least half an hour. So the best time to massage nails is a few hours before retiring to bed. That way you won’t be using them for a long time.

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  1. I will have to try that cream! It's winter here and the cold weather always messes up my hands!

  2. Anonymous9:35 PM

    I have tried out these homemade rich creams.
    I have a dry skin and now my skin looks fresh

  3. Swati9:04 AM

    Before applying any color to nails, one should make sure about the cleanness of nails. The best method is used an orange stick which is wrapped in cotton to clean nails. Dip it into remover of nail polish and rub gently on the nail’s surface. Now the nails will be ready for coloring.

  4. Karuna9:18 AM

    Bright and dark shades of nail polish look better on feet in summer, especially if you plan on walking around barefoot or in open sandals.

  5. Alexia Defron11:34 AM

    Hands down, the BEST hand cream is the Lady Soma Skin and Nail Treatment ,It's great for those who like to change up their nail polish but hate stripped & brittle nails. It keeps my nails firm & in good shape. I swear, my it makes my nails grow faster. The cream itself is relatively lightweight and sinks right in with a lovely fragrance. I'll put it on my hands (and nails) at night, and they stay moisturized through the next day. I also wash my hands A LOT, and this saves them from hard water and winter weather. I'm young, so I can't comment on its anti-aging properties, but I do believe this will keep my hands looking young, too. amazing!


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