Breast Cancer Awareness month

pink ribbonOctober is Breast Cancer Awareness month. As we all know, besides cervical cancer, cancer of the breast is one of the main forms of cancer that is particularly known to affect women, and if detected earlier on there is a 98% survival rate. The only way you can detect the cancer in its initial stages is by doing a regular breast self examination or BSE. BSE is a woman’s first line of defense against breast cancer, and all women above 20 should do a monthly BSE to check for lumps. Don’t be under the impression that an annual examination from your family doctor is sufficient; cancerous lumps can develop slowly undetected over a period of time. And when the time comes for the next annual checkup it might be too late. So realize the importance of BSE and act now. Don’t know how to self-examine? Then hop on to this site.


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    Breast cancer is the second leading malpractice-related condition with most lawsuits arising out of misdiagnosis and delayed treatment. One problem is that a mammogram may be negative, even for women with a breast lump, but a negative mammogram does not definitively rule out breast cancer. Further tests are necessary. Another problem is that women under 50 can get breast cancer, but many doctors will assume a diagnosis of breast fibrocystic disease because of their age.


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