Skin care for the bride -2

You have already set your heart for the big day, visualizing yourself as a radiant bride, all aglow in glittering finery. You are excited and you have taken up the challenge to look your best by plunging headlong into the preparations with full zest and enthusiasm - pampering yourself and your skin with all sorts of beauty aids. Ideally you should be working at it at least a month before. If you are doing just that and following all the skin care rituals mentioned in the post Skin care for the bride meticulously, then you have made the right start.

As mentioned in that post, you can now dare to spend long hours in your bath and pamper yourself. Here’s a body mask which you should massage yourself with at least 15 days before your marriage date. It will greatly enhance your beauty.

Special Body mask for the bride


1 tbsp dried and sieved lemon peel
1 tbsp dried and sieved orange peel
2 tbsp ground almond
4 tbsp wheat germ flour
1 tbsp thymes
2 tbsp rose water
A few drops of jasmine oil
A pinch of salt


Massage well into your body with circular and gentle movements. Leave on for 20 minute and then take a bath.

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  1. Anonymous6:06 PM

    If you find your skin looking dull and stressed, it means either you are not having proper diet or sleep. So in order to look fresh and vibrant it is important you take proper care of your skin. When your skin feels dry and dull the most important care required in such a place is to hydrate your skin well, especially if you already have a dry skin. Avoid taking a bath with very hot water it extracts the essential moisturizing ingredients from your skin and leaves it dull and dry. Instead of hot water use lukewarm water especially when you are washing your face.


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