Fix your dull and tired skin with masks and complexion scrubs

In the morning you are as fresh as a daisy, but towards dusk you always end up with a tired look and a dull, sallow complexion. No, you are not sick or fatigued. The culprits are your own dead cells sticking on to your skin virtually giving you a tired, haggard look. Yes, you might feel a twinge of envy by looking at some others (No, they don’t touch up their face frequently.) who continue to look fresh and gleaming even towards the end of the day. It’s just that your dead cells are more stubborn in shedding off than theirs or maybe your skin is too greasy. But that’s the way it is. Instead of brooding or cribbing over their good fortune, it’s better to spend that time in resolving your own problem. And the solution lies in sloughing off those obstinate dead cells by exfoliating your skin more often to give way to new cells.

An easy fix for a dull, worn-out face can be found here and here. As soon as you reach home after a long weary day try to revive your jaded looks with this simple do-it-yourself potion. The fresh and smooth feeling that you get afterwards is definitely worth it.


2 tsp aloe vera gel
2 drops of tea tree oil
2 drops of juniper berry oil
1 drop of orange oil


Mix all ingredients to make a smooth paste and apply it over your face and neck using circular motion.

Also use exfoliating masks and scrubs such as these at least once in a week. (If yours is really a bad case, then do it twice a week.) Or you can try this wheat germ complexion scrub, the recipe of which is mentioned below. Scrubs are an effective means of removing dead cells from the surface of the skin. The slightly abrasive tiny grains present in a scrub gently sloughs away dead and flaky skin. You should use it carefully though, and not rub too vigorously. For dry skin types, a scrub once in a month will suffice.

Wheat germ complexion scrub


Oatmeal powder – 1 tablespoon
Wheat germ powder – 1 tablespoon
Skimmed milk powder – 1 tablespoon
Sandalwood powder – 1 teaspoon


Mix the ingredients together and fill in a small muslin bag. Dip the muslin bag in lukewarm water and gently rub on to the face and neck for at least 15 minutes. Use circular movements. Wash off with tepid water.
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  1. Anonymous4:15 PM

    I love the smell of orange and look forward to using this face pack recipe. Sounds great.

  2. Anonymous5:17 PM

    Our skin actually does this process naturally, but needs extra help because pollution and foundation get stuck in pores. Exfoliating your face once a week will reveal your more gorgeous skin, also making a smoother canvas to apply your makeup. Another benefit of exfoliating is it helps to prevent acne scarring and ingrown hairs

  3. Anonymous9:39 AM

    I think I'll try with olive or coconut oil (probably more readily on hand) - otherwise... this sounds great!

  4. Anonymous10:38 AM

    Choose the shade of your foundation carefully. When testing out shades, pick one that matches the tone of your jawline exactly. It helps to use a mirror outdoors to see how shades look in natural light.
    Begin by applying a small amount of foundation then increase amount to achieve the degree of coverage that suits your skin.
    For daytime, mix your foundation with a light SPF moisturizer before applying for a smoother, more sheer application

  5. Anonymous9:30 AM

    A facial mask will provide its maximum benefits if it is evenly applied so that the entire face is covered. Of course, you have to avoid the eye and mouth areas. With an uneven application of the face mask, you find that the effects of the face mask on blood circulation in the mask are hindered.
    Make it a point to leave the mask on for the suggested period of time, as defined in the product or face mask recipe. The different face masks for different face skin types have to be left on for different spans of time for its effect to take place. This is because if the face mask is left on for too long, it tends to cause an excessive stimulation to the skin.

  6. Aishwarya9:29 AM

    Your foundation should look completely natural and should be an exact match for your skin tone. This is one case where you need total perfection, to give a flawless finish and even out skin tone. To test different shades of foundation, dab the color on your face and jawline for the most accurate reading. Remember that foundation will meet the skin on your neck, so there can't be any discrepancy in color. Take a mirror outdoors and look at yourself in the sunlight to gauge whether you have a true match

  7. Sanjana9:56 AM

    If your body is depressed, the cells are not functioning at their highest capacity.By taking a few moments to simply drink some water and to get a little exercise, you will be able to enhance the appearance of your skin as well as to begin to increase your moods. Exercise has been shown to not only improve blood flow to the skin, but also to encourage rapid cellular repair – this adds up to fewer wrinkles as well as more moisture in the skin itself.

  8. Bhumi3:28 PM

    Heat up liquid foundation in the palm of your hand so that it’s easier to apply. You can also use a lightly moistened sponge to obtain even and accurate cover over your whole face.
    Avoid applying a thick layer of foundation so that your skin doesn’t suffocate.
    Start with the cent re of your face (chin, cheeks, forehead) then work outwards carefully, from top to bottom. Be sure to blend your foundation well at your hairline, eyebrows, the base of your ears and around your nose.

  9. Spoorthy9:24 AM

    Honey mixed with ground almonds makes an excellent facial cleansing scrub.

  10. Meenakshi9:24 AM

    A powder bronzer under blush can really even out skin tone. I dab my brush in the bronzer, then into the blush and lightly cover my whole face.

  11. Saguna3:26 PM

    I tried facial scrub. It felt very soothing while I was using it, and the exfoliates worked well on my skin. It's effective for deep cleansing.

  12. Priya9:34 AM

    This is a great scrub. I make a variation of it using a cornstarch and sugar mixture then adding the oil/glycerin/aloe and of course some essential oil for fragrance. By varying the amount of cornstarch you can get a coarser scrub for your body and one not as coarse for your face.

  13. Shreeya9:43 AM

    I think I'll try with olive or coconut oil (probably more readily on hand) - this sounds great!

  14. Soumya9:04 AM

    You always want to be gentle with the skin on your face. If you're too aggressive with products, or use products not made for your face, you can irritate the skin and cause it to age faster and dry out

  15. Vinoda5:20 PM

    take too much ripen banana , mix with honey and apply for 10 minutes, wash with any mild soap
    this exercise should be repeated daily for 40 days . your face starts glowing!

  16. Vibha5:25 PM

    Don't waste money on these silly drugs. Drink plenty of water and lots of fresh fruit and veg. Try to cut back on all salt and sugar, so that would include "No salt on your chips" and "diet soft drink". Eat fish the natural oil is great for you and a high fibre breakfast. Always consume 3 small serves of no fat diary everyday. And last of all don't go to bed with makeup on or don't wear it at all, wash your face with a hot flannel morning and night and try not to put soap or alcohol products on your face!

  17. Shilpa6:52 PM

    Honey contains powerful antioxidant and anti-microbial properties that retain moisture, protect the skin against the harmful ultraviolet rays and repairs worn-out skin. Mix 2 tablespoons of honey with 2 teaspoons of milk. Apply all over the face and throat. Leave it on for 10 minutes then rinse with warm water.

  18. Anonymous9:07 AM

    I am really pale
    my skin is like bleach white
    I use brown eyeliner and sometimes black
    I use lots of mascara because I like black lashes against pale skin cause I think it makes them stand out more
    choosing eye shadow is really hard, I usually use neutral colors mostly like light browns and mocha
    and I use really light pink blusher or nude pink
    and with lipsticks I love to use dark red cause I like how it looks against pale skin

  19. Anonymous9:09 AM

    When it comes to make-up, especially for pale skins, LESS is definitely more. If you *absolutely* have to use a base, use a non-clogging mineral foundation/powder, suited for your skin type.

    Browns and taupe are safe bet for everyday use: use a brown eyeliner to draw a line under your lashes (thin and close to your lashes). Then uses a little eye-shadow to highlight your eyes (I personally like taupe eye-shadow because it looks good on everyone), and then top it off with some brown mascara. Finish with a light pink or clear lip-gloss and you're good to go.

  20. Kanaka8:26 AM

    Skin glows if it is healthy, and if you are healthy. Exercise regularly, go for a brisk walk or a jog at least three times a week. Try and shower with cold water everyday to boost circulation. A great tip for an immediate glow: Place ice cubes in a bowl of water, and splash your face with this ice cold water everyday before stepping out. Also, rub your cheeks with an ice cube for an instant glow.


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