Herbal Cleansing cream

You are in need of a cleansing cream to get rid of the embedded dust, gunk and grime and also to remove the last traces of any stale makeup in order to freshen you up after a long hard day. It should work without stripping your skin of its natural moisture. If you would like to prepare one such cream all by yourself then here’s the recipe for it:

Herbal Cleansing cream


5 teaspoons fresh coconut oil
5 teaspoons olive oil
2 teaspoons glycerine
4 teaspoons beeswax
5 tablespoons cucumber juice
A pinch of borax


Melt the oils and wax by the double boiling method. Warm cucumber juice, glycerine and borax in a separate bowl until borax is dissolved. Add the cucumber juice, borax and glycerine mixture to the oil and whisk the mixture till it thickens. Cool. Store excess in your fridge.

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    hi buddy
    Hmmmmmmmmm nice post,u have good idea about "Herbal Cleansing cream"

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  2. Anonymous9:19 AM

    Herbal skin cleansing creams are designed to unclog and minimize pores. They make your skin look and feel smoother. Also, they can help "firm up" sagging, soft folds of skin that may have suffered from exposure to the sun or late nights at work. Herbal skin cleansing cream's best effect is its moisturizing abilities.


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