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2019 is coming to an end and thankfully so. To be frank, 2019 was an extremely horrible year in my life and I’m glad it’s coming to end! As expected, I didn’t write many posts this year or rather neglected blogging to a great extent.

I’m not too sure if 2020 will be a better year and hence won’t make any resolutions on the blogging front.

But then, in some corner of my mind there is hope that things will workout for me. I can only hope; only time will tell what’s in store for me and my blog!

In spite of all this, I did pen a few posts and as is the custom, I present to you the best posts of the year 2019. Do take a look.

Best posts of 2019 from

5 reasons why aloevera is a beauty miracle worker.
Aloevera has been hyped so much that everyone knows the health benefits of this wonder herb. This posts highlights some of the beauty uses of aloevera and how it can be used as a homemade diy beauty aid to beautify your skin and hair.

5 Tips to Training in Mixed Martial Arts
Want to join a mixed martial arts training program? Here are some excellent MMA tips and tricks to choose the right academy to learn and how to prepare and train for the sport effectively.

Women’s brains stay young compared to men
There is some good news for women. Not only do women handle stress and ageing better than men, a recent research has also found that women’s brains stay younger compared to men.

Tips to take care of your skin, hair & body this Holi
The most popular festival of North India, Holi, the festival of colours is undoubtedly very enjoyable. But playing Holi can wreak havoc on your skin, body and hair if you do not follow proper precautions.

So here’s a comprehensive guide to take care of yourself during this festival.

Tips to get off colors off your skin and body after Holi & also diy face packs / masks along with body masks, diy spa recipes and other tips to rejuvenate your skin and body post Holi can be found in the above post.

Neck injury during yoga caused stroke in an influencer.
Yoga is a holistic exercise that not only is good for your physical health but also works wonders on your mental health as it reduces stress and depression to a great extent as compared to other form of exercises.

But you have to be extremely careful while doing yoga poses. You should always attempt it only after learning it from a competent guru.

Read how one Instagram influencer suffered neck injury while doing yoga as a result of which she had to suffer a near-fatal stroke.

Is petroleum jelly suitable for cuts and wounds?
Petroleum jelly or Vaseline is a multipurpose beauty and skin care aid. It’s also increasingly used as an antidote for wounds. But is it really effective for wounds or does it do more harm than good. Do read the post.

Pregnancy migraine – How dangerous is it?
Migraines during pregnancy could be linked to high blood pressure or hypertension during pregnancy and as such can cause pregnancy complications and also health problems in the foetus and also a risk of several diseases in future for both the mother & unborn child.

Cashew apple juice recipes and health benefits of cashew apples
Cashew apples or cashew fruits are immensely nutritious, loaded with vitamin C, minerals & antioxidants. It has anti-bacterial,  anti-ageing & anti-cancer properties. It is used to relieve diarrhea & also in  aches of rheumatism and neuralgia.

Also try these tasty beverages using cashew apples which are extremely nutritious and healthy too.

Milk – Best drink to soothe burns from chilli peppers
Drinking milk provides immediate relief if you experience a burn due to eating spicy foods like buffalo wings, biting into chili peppers or after drinking bloody mary. Water or any other drink cannot provide as much relief as milk.

Treadmill workout can relieve period pain.
Exercising on a treadmill thrice a week can provide relief from menstrual cramps and period pain, says new research.

15 one ingredient homemade facemasks for fabulous skin
Pamper your skin these easy one ingredient face DIY mask recipes which can be whipped up with ingredients present in your home and require less time to prepare. These masks ensure a glowing and vibrant skin without hassles.

Stop abusing your nails. Your nails are not tools.
Do your have strange quirks like nail biting, cuticle chewing or using nails to open tins & cans, digging etc? If yes, then you are abusing your nails to the point of making them deformed.

Alcohol during pregnancy may cause miscarriage.
Drinking alcohol during pregnancy can increase your risk of miscarriage according to certain studies. So say no to alcohol during pregnancy.

Why carrying heavy bags may be good for you.
Carrying heavy shopping bags every now and then, being a weight bearing exercise is found to increase muscle mass, improve bone health and prevent osteoporosis.

Neem Herbal Tea or Kashayam for stomach ailments and intestinal worm infections
This homemade neem herbal tea or kashayam helps fight colds, coughs, fever and mosquito-borne illnesses such as malaria, stomach infections and not to forget intestinal worm infestations and nullifies the effects of food poisoning which are all so common during monsoons.

Know your beauty and style quotient from your zodiac beauty profile
Your sun sign can accurately determine your beauty and fashion routine. Not only that it can tell your beauty traits, your body & skin type, your dressing style & fashion sense, your style quirks and whether you'll look younger or not as you age.

Do take a look at this amazing zodiac beauty profile and learn more about your beauty sense.

Best posts of 2019 from

Final Note

Hope you enjoy reading these posts as much as I spent time and effort in writing them and presenting them. Do share your feedback in comments.

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