Another health benefit of being short

People of short height are often envious of tall people and have self-esteem issues. That's because tall people not only look good but studies have also shown that they have better self-esteem, better social status, earn more  and are generally more successful than people of short stature. While one can't do much about one's height, one can certainty do something about self-confidence and self-esteem issues. Do read the post 5 Tips to Build Self-Esteem For short People.

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However short people shouldn't crib too much about height and go for something drastic like this extremely painful limb lengthening surgery or this ridiculous head implant which if goes wrong can do more harm than good.  Being short has its own advantages in terms of health benefits. Long back, I had pointed to a study which says that short persons, especially short women have a gene associated with long life. So short women must be happy that they are more likely to live longer than their taller counterparts. By the way, a recent study has found that shorter people are also less likely to develop potentially dangerous blood clots.

These clots, called venous thromboembolisms, include blockages known as DVTs (deep vein thrombosis), which typically start in the legs and can travel to the lungs, raising a person's odds for stroke.

Sometimes DVTs occur after long-haul flights, so they've been dubbed "economy class syndrome." But new research suggests a slight advantage for shorter people in avoiding the clots.

Why the effect? "It could just be that because taller individuals have longer leg veins there is more surface area where problems can occur," theorized study lead author Dr. Bengt Zoller.

"There is also more gravitational pressure in leg veins of taller persons that can increase the risk of blood flow slowing or temporarily stopping," noted Zoller, an associate professor at Lund University and Malmo University Hospital, in Sweden.

Zoller's team found that men shorter than 5 feet 3 inches were 65 percent less likely than men 6 feet 2 inches or taller to develop one of these clots.

The risk dropped 69 percent for women shorter than 5 feet 1 inch who were pregnant for the first time, compared to women 6 feet or taller, Zoller's team reported Sept. 5 in Circulation: Cardiovascular Genetics.

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    short men were more likely to carry the enhanced longevity variation of the gene

  2. height becomes a variable in developing cancer for tall post-menopausal woman, whose risk of developing the disease increases 13 percent for each additional four inches of height.

  3. shorter men tend to marry less and marry later, developing longer lasting and well-considered relationships. shorter men do a greater share of the housework and bring home a greater share of income.

  4. Geeta4:29 PM

    Being short has its advantages in certain sports and games such as hide and seek and limbo. Taller people don’t have a chance against us shorties.

  5. Manya4:30 PM

    Being short comes with a heap of health benefits, such as a longer life expectancy and lower risk of cancer.

  6. Dr Rajesh4:37 PM

    four scientific advantages of being a short person:

    1. You will live longer
    2. Reduced cancer risk in men and women

    3. Lower risk of suffering from blood clots

    4. Information travels to your brain faster., taller people take at least one-tenth of a second longer to receive sensory data through their eyes, ears, tongue and skin [4]. This is because being tall means for your brain to receive these signals, the information has to travel through longer neural pathways.


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