Gandhaali Foot Scrub Soap - Review

2 months ago, I happened to notice Gandhaali Foot Scrub Soap at a departmental store and after reading from its cover that it's a soap meant exclusively for the feet, I immediately purchased it.

I especially needed a foot scrub soap to keep my feet clean in the rainy season. In the monsoons, as you all know it is a herculean task wading through muddy waters and puddles, especially in India. Also there's a high risk of contracting a fungal infection as well as other skin infections if you neglect foot hygiene.

So it's highly necessary to wash, clean and scrub your feet thoroughly after you come home from outdoors. (Read Pamper your feet & Pedicure at home - easy steps)


My experience with Gandhaali Foot Scrub Soap.

I used Gandhaali soap the first time while bathing. I used a foot brush and a pumice stone to gently scrub my feet and soles and then applied this soap all over my feet, soles and on the knees as well. The dirt from my feet disappeared in a trice and my feet looked clean and well the tan on my feet seemed to fade considerably.

The next time around I did not use any brush or pumice stone to scrub before applying this soap. The results were not as wonderful as before, but it did clean my feet considerably. The skin on my knees too seemed to soften.

The soap claims to have anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties and the kokum butter in it claims to heal cracked feet. I can't say for sure that it can actually heal cracks as my soles did not have cracks in this season.

But yes, it does remove dead skin cells to a great extent and makes the feet and soles look squeaky clean. I'd say it's ideal to use during the rainy season when your feet is prone to all sorts of infections. (Do read Happy Feet during Monsoon)

Overall it's a good buy.

Go through the list of key ingredients in this soap

Pros of Gandhaali Foot Scrub Soap:

1. Quite inexpensive.
2. Impressive list of key ingredients. Has mint oil, tea tree oil and kokum butter. No animal fat.

3. Cleans feet well. Gets rid of dead skin quite effectively
4. A good buy for the rainy seasons.
5. Long lasting

Cons of Gandhaali Foot Scrub Soap:

1. You need to use a pumice stone or brush first before applying the soap for more effectiveness.
2. Not sure if it can heal cracks on the feet as it claims.
3. Might make feet a bit dry after washing.  This can be aided by applying a lotion afterwards.
4. Full list of ingredient not mentioned.


The pros outweigh the cons and for a dirt cheap price, it's worth buying. So simply go for it!
Gandhaali Foot Scrub Soap Review

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You can buy Gandhaali Foot scrub soap online from Amazon.

However if it's unavailable for some reason, you can try Vaadi Herbals Elbow Foot Knee Scrub Soap with Almond and Walnut Scrub, which has good reviews. Perhaps it's much better than Gandhaali's soap;  at least that's what is evident from the description of the product as well as the reviews.

I'm yet to try it but am tempted to buy it from the looks of it.You may purchase it, if you cannot get the Gandhaali soap at your place or at Amazon.

But if you happen to spot Gandhaali's Foot scrub soap at your local stores, don't think twice before buying it.

To conclude:

So have you used foot scrub soaps before? Which ones have worked for you? What do you think of Gandhaali foot scrub soap? If you have used it do drop your reviews in comments.

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  1. Veena3:08 PM

    Me gonna buy it.. Me gonna buy ittttt…. :D Thanks for the amazing review Aparna!

  2. Scrubbing off the dead cells from the feet is very essential, and not everyone has time to pay regular visit at the parlour for pedicures. For this problem, scrub soaps are useful solution.


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