Happy Feet during monsoon

Follow these simple pointers during the rains to keep your feet looking great.happy feet
* Get regular pedicures and keep your toenails trimmed. Also cut your toe-nails straight across and not the corners to prevent ingrown nails. Once in a week, you should also clean the insides of your nails with an orange stick dipped in hydrogen-peroxide to ward off nail infections.
* Paint your toenails bright, happy colours.
* Steer clear of leather footwear. They become soggy when wet, and are not suitable for monsoons. But perchance if you were wearing leather footwear during an unexpected shower, here's what you should do with your leather sandals.
* Say goodbye to closed footwear and start wearing open footwear, it'll allow your feet to dry quickly and let your toes breathe. Flip flops let your feet breathe and help that moisture evaporate in no time.
* Before wearing your shoes or sandals, clean them thoroughly with a dry cloth. This helps remove any fungal growth or moulds in your wet sandals.
* Statistics indicate that Indian women mostly use worn out, old fashioned footwear during monsoons, so as to not ruin their favourite pairs splashing through puddles or wading through muddy water. But you need not worry as nowadays a wide range of chic, classy and fashionable monsoon footwear available in waterproof materials these days. Colorful, flashy footwear in bright shades look great this season. So it's time to discard those old-fashioned rainy shoes and start wearing shoes that are both seasonally suitable and fashionably funky!
* woman resting her feetFungal infection in the toes are quite common these days. If you've waded through rainwater, wash your feet with antiseptic soap like Dettol  and then apply an anti-fungal powder between your toes to avoid infection. If time permits, you can pamper your legs a bit by soaking them in warm water to which savlon/Dettol and peppermint oil is added.   After 10-15 minutes, wash your feet and towel-dry them. Sprinkle anti-fungal powder/talcum powder to which camphor powder is added . And then relax them up on a stool or centre table for 5 minutes to encourage the blood circulation.
(Guest post by Smitha)
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  1. Chadana2:55 PM

    Fungal infection is a common problem during the monsoon season in people who need to wear shoes and socks all day. This is due to heat and humidity and commonly occurs between the toes. The feet must be kept dry and good foot hygiene . Socks must preferably be made of cotton and be changed daily. Shoes should be alternated. Using an anti-fungal powder every morning and an anti-fungal cream at night is helpful. A dermatologist (skin specialist) must be consulted if the problems persist.

  2. Beena3:22 PM

    Thanks, Aparna, those are interesting remedies.

  3. Satwik9:09 AM

    Hi! Just found your website. Love it!

  4. Thats lovely!
    I loved the article... Great going :)

  5. Deepti11:15 AM

    Great tips!! I’m going to try .

  6. My teacher always says you won't have beach feet anymore! I don't think you can help your feet very much though...just try rubbing some lotion on them every night and paint your toe nails.

  7. Soudarya9:21 AM

    use a good lotion, well ventilated shoes...and wear socks.

  8. Sujata10:04 AM

    Very useful tips - Thumbs up!


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