Best of 2016

How fast the days fly! I mean I just remember doing the roundup of the best posts of 2015 and now it's the end of the year 2016! I know, I know, I have been procrastinating and did not fulfill my resolution of posting regularly. But will definitely try to do that in the next year! So without much ado, here's the list of best posts of this year.

Malabar Spinach - 9 Health Benefits & Home Remedies

9 Awesome Hair Accessories one can Flaunt this Christmas

Top 5 hairdos to opt for this New Year and Rock It

New Fashion Trends in Embroidered Wedding Dresses

Beauty Uses Of Activated Charcoal

Top 5 Ways to Update Your Wardrobe

Time-Saving Hair and Makeup Hacks for The Busy Girl

5 Easy DIY Facial Masks

Blood Group and Health

The Real Effects of Sugar On Your Body and Skin

Bachelorette Party? Yoga Retreat!

7 Makeup Tips For Perfect No Filter Selfie

Best Tips on How to Wear Bindi

Trendy men’s key pieces for summer 2016

7 new mom body self confidence boosters

Fashion Tips for Women with a Large Bust

The Science behind Adult Acne and What Steps to Take

How to wear Office-appropriate makeup like a pro?

Middle Age: Making The Most Of It

Stiff, Frozen Shoulder Caused By Jerky Movements – A Woman’s Ordeal

Lazy Girl Hacks To Tie Your Hair

Does exercising increase your hunger pangs?

7 Homemade Skin Lightening Treatments for Busy Women

Teenager worried about pain in breasts

4 Secrets to a Mantastically Fresh Beard or Moustache

5 Ways to Make Any Bathroom Feel More Spa-Like

The Rise of the Nerd: 4 Styles for the Intellectually Inclined

4 Secrets for the Best Legs of Your Life

Winter Means Fashion: 5 Styles to Die For

Benefits of Using Yoga for Injury Recovery and Prevention

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