A tip while cleaning vegetables & fruits

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Not all of us can afford to buy organic stuff or grow our own vegetables and fruits. We somehow have to rely on store-bought ones and most of these are chemical and pesticide laden.  Just rinsing vegetables and fruits with regular tap water is not enough to remove the residues of these harmful substances.

Washing veggies & fruits with plain, tap water is not enough.

A simple and inexpensive tip that works wonders is to first wash them with water to which baking soda is added and then rinse them in water to which a few tablespoons of vinegar is added. This helps to remove the traces of harmful pesticides, insecticides and other chemicals adhered to these eatables to some extent.

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Or else you may purchase vegetable and fruit purifiers, ozonizers or cleaning liquids like the ones below.

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  1. There is no evidence that dietary consumption of pesticide residues, in the levels commonly found in food, has any negative health impacts whatsoever

  2. Fruits and vegetables (whether organic or conventionally grown) are great for you - you should be eating more of them, not avoiding them because of unfounded concerns about pesticides.

  3. Prabha5:18 PM

    Organic farmers use pesticides as well, (they are limited to those approved for organic production - but that doesn't necessarily mean they are safer). 5) Salt water has no special ability to clean fruits and vegetables. It does make sense to wash most fruits and vegetables - more because of bacterial contaminants like listeria and E. coli (which are legitimate concerns), than because of pesticide residues, but salt water is not needed or better than plain water.

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