5 Beauty Products Your Teenage Daughter Needs for Her Next Birthday

Even though you might not want your little girl to grow up, there are some things that she will likely want for her next birthday that are more for a young woman. Beauty products will likely be on her list. When you're looking for beauty products for her birthday, you need to find something that is for sensitive skin as most teen girls have skin that is prone to breakouts. You also want to try to find shades that are soft instead of those that are bold.


This is a product that your teen would need in order to cover the embarrassing breakouts that she has or to give a little color to the face. A gentle swipe of foundation can make a world of difference with the color of the face, increasing the girl's self-confidence along the way. A stick foundation is ideal so that she can carry it in her purse.

Nail Polish

Most girls like painting their nails from an early age. You can get fun colors from companies like Enchanted Polish as well as a few softer hues that are ideal for the girl who just wants a bit of color on the nails. There are also accessories to get that can be placed on the nails to add a design to them so that they aren't plain and boring.

Face Wash

Make it easy for your teen daughter to wash her face before bed and in the morning with her own face wash. There are pleasant scents and washes that are for all skin types. You'll also find that there are foaming washes that will make the skin soft.


While it might not be the typical product that a lot of girls would want, it's something that can bring out the lashes, creating a beautiful look with the right kind of makeup. The product adds a bit of glamour that only wearing foundation wouldn't be able to accomplish. Consider getting black and brown so that she can coordinate the mascara with clothing and makeup shades.

Lip Gloss and Balm

When your teen wants to add a sparkle to her lips or keep them moisturized, she needs lip gloss on her birthday list. There are numerous flavors available as well as some that have glitter in them so that there is a dazzling look on the lips. A lip balm with shea butter will help to keep the lips from getting chapped whether the teen is in the summer sin or the winter air.

From mascara to nail polish, you can create a makeup box with beauty products for your teen girl's birthday. Find out what colors she likes before you start buying items. Add a few products to help with keeping the skin clean for a fun birthday gift.

Contributed by Lizzie Weakley

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