Trendy men’s key pieces for summer 2016

Trends in fashion change fast and this summer brings a whole new world of options when it comes to a fashionable well-dressed gent. The tendency to combine the aspects of comfortable and elegant is still big and it’s more than obvious in this year’s key summery elements for a stylish look.

The Cuban collar shirts
Shirts that were incredibly popular during the 50s made their way back to 2016 with some more modern patterns and cuts. But the main feature remained the same. Slightly opened collar that reveals part of the upper chest, called the Cuban collar, could be seen on many fashion shows this year. With short sleeves and pleasant material, these shirts are perfect for both daily casual and evening, more elegant looks, depending on the pattern you choose and other garments you pair them with.

White pants
White pants also bring back that vintage vibe and depending on the material, they can be dressed down or up for different occasions. Apart from being a perfect color for summer heat, white is also a universal color that can undoubtedly compete with black and even win this year. When worn ruffled up with some bright colored shirts, they make the great outfit for daily errands. But, with polo shirts or even Cuban collar shirts, and with a light blazer for the cool evening, white pants are an essential piece for a stylish night out.

Bomber jackets
Continuing with vintage theme, bomber jackets are also very in this summer. Their youthful vibe reminiscent of student days can make any outfit complete and casually layered for tricky summer evenings. While bomber jackets used to be something worn only for casual activities, this year’s trend transcended this notion completely, and they’re perfectly acceptable even when matched with some elegant shirts and shoes.

Baseball caps
Another revived trend from the past, baseball caps are a much awaited accessory to decorate the gent’s head. They’re no longer made of cheap material or associated only with sport fans. Actually, designers put a lot of effort in intricate details and great quality materials, as well as cuts that would perfectly flatter different head shapes and those made of quality leather go really nicely for some more elegant occasions.

Trendy accessories
While on the matter of accessories, a good designer homewares such as watches will never go out of style. A man’s watch is a big part of one’s personality and a way to add personal touch to any outfit. What’s more, the trend of unique jacket pins is definitely something to look forward to in this summer’s stylish outfits. The freedom of choice when it comes to footwear is as acceptable as ever, but espadrilles have distinguished themselves as top footwear for summer 2016.

The color green
When colors are concerned, green is the most beloved color this summer. Green has always been linked to spring and summer clothing, but this year bright greens left room for muted and pastel shades of this fresh color. Olive jackets and blazers are great for a strong elegant figure, while pastel light jackets offer that breezy summer feeling in any outfit. Moreover, green Capri and knee-length pants are essential addition for stylish daily outfit while the choice of shirts in green shades or with green patterns is vast.

Looking like a star from vintage Hollywood movies has never been easier. The iconic style of legendary actors from the 50s and 60s can make you feel as a part of that world too. The timeless nature of these key pieces is made to last for many summers to come.

(Contributed by Diana)

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