7 new mom body self confidence boosters

Being a new mom is never easy and there’s nothing that can fully prepare you for the job and responsibilities that come with after the baby. Apart from spending most of your time with your child, there are other common concerns that new moms experience. Body image is just one of them. Instead of over-thinking and worrying about your looks, accept the nature’s course and start taking baby steps along with your child in order to reach new goals.

Feel the power of being a mother
While it’s completely natural and even recommended to always have someone to help you with your newborn, try to do whatever you can on your own. True confidence boost comes from the knowledge that you’re perfectly capable of mastering various baby tasks and being smart about the time when you actually need some help. If you constantly rely on someone else, you won’t feel the power that comes with giving your best in caring for your child.

Do things your own way
There is no one right way to be a parent. Therefore, don’t allow anyone to force you into arguments or lectures about how the things should be done. Trust your gut and be the parent you want to be. It would be best to avoid this topic among other parents just so no one can make you feel insecure about your actions. And remember, even if someone does things differently, it just means that’s the way it works for them, not that you are wrong.

Seek and accept praise
If people praise you about the good job you’re doing with raising your child, accept this compliment wholeheartedly. There’s no room for false modesty because you deserve that praise. What’s more, it could happen that people around you never realize how much you’re actually in a need of praise. Don’t be afraid to ask what they think of you as a mother because they will surely tell you what incredible job you’re doing and boost your confidence.

The baby’s success is your own
You’re the one that helps your child move forward and achieve various goals so it’s perfectly acceptable to celebrate these achievements as if they were your own. In a way, they actually are. This is just another proof of you doing the best you can and the effort paying off.

Stop the comparison
We are all different – in ways our bodies, our mindsets, personalities and even parenting are. Therefore, stop trying to compare yourself to other people. Everyone faces challenges in their own unique way. Instead of looking how other people are doing, focus only on yourself and your own way of life.

Take good care of yourself
If you don’t take proper care of yourself you won’t be able to give your very best to your child. Therefore, sacrificing your meals and skincare routine will do you no good. Of course, some changes will have to be made but you can always find at least 5 minutes in mornings and evening to clean and moisturize your face, eat three meals a day and drink plenty of water. Getting your body confidence back might not be easy and quick, but no one has ever said that it would be. Start slowly, get yourself some workout equipment and start exercising for 10-15 minutes a day. This will affect your fitness skill greatly and make you feel both happier and healthier.

Don’t be too hard on yourself
People learn through trial and error and there’s absolutely no reason whatsoever why you should expect yourself to be perfect in everything you do. Your priorities are changed, let alone your body and mind. You’re facing a lot of obligations for the first time in your life. As long as you try your best, even if it’s not perfect, you should be satisfied because you’re actually moving forward.

However you decide to organize your day, try to have fun. Reaching a goal with your own efforts is an absolute confidence booster and it’s even more special if you enjoyed yourself along the way.

(Contributed by Zara Lewis)

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