5 Ways to Make Your Eyes Stand Out

Every woman has beautiful eyes. What some women don't have are the right tricks to draw positive attention to their eyes. Here are some quick, easy ways to make your eyes look bigger and brighter.

Easy Eyeliner
Makeup is intimidating for many. A flicked cat-eye is regarded as universal, but this is not actually the case. One has to have slightly slanted eyes for the flick to be flattering. Women with round eyes or hooded lids may not look their best in this style of makeup. Give your eyes some subtle definition by running a gray or brown pencil along the bottom lids only.

Mascara Magic
You can skip the liner up top and still pack a punch with volumizing mascara. Curling your lashes and then applying two coats of mascara will do the work of eyeliner without the frustrating learning curve. Start with a brown shade if your favorite brand offers it. This will look more natural, especially if the rest of your makeup is minimal. If you use contact lenses, make sure to avoid waterproof mascara; it can irritate your eyes after putting in your lenses, and having bloodshot eyes is the last thing you want! Visit an optometrist from a clinic like All About Eyes if you have any questions.

Fight Aging
As we age, our eyelids sag and wrinkles start to appear around our eyes. As a result, the eyes look smaller and less defined. A good dermatologist can help you fight back against this process by prescribing retinoid creams and recommending procedures. If you see signs of aging and are bothered by them, see a doctor sooner rather than later. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to correct the issues. The difference may be more obvious and less natural-looking as well.

Know Your Neutrals
Browns and taupes are the standard go-to eye shadow shades. There are countless palettes filled with these colors, and millions of women wear them every day without giving them much thought. Blue eyes are complemented by these ubiquitous browns, but women with other eye colors may want to expand their horizons. Brown eyes are enhanced by grays and lavenders, while green eyes stand out more when you use orange or yellow shadows.

Experiment with Correctors
Dark circles detract from pretty eyes. Don't solve this problem with concealer alone. Concealers are formulated to dry down full, which leads to creasing. They also don't entirely address the discoloration of the dark circles. Specialized color correctors with peach or orange tones will cancel out the darkness and neutralize to a color that is closer to your skin tone. For the most dramatic results, layer a corrector under your foundation or another concealer.

Your eyes are often the first thing people notice, so making sure you have some techniques for making them stand out is a must. Try some of these tips and see if the eyes have it!

(Contributed by Dixie)

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  1. I use a peach-colored corrector under my eyes. It looks better than concealer alone!


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