Technology in Cosmetics: What has Changed the Makeup Game?

Make-up has been around for centuries. The Egyptians are known for making this as important as the wardrobe.

Over the years, compounds have evolved from the berries in the garden to laboratory inspired wonder products.

Technology has added some changes to the variety of foundations, lipstick shades, product sizes, packaging, and performance, as well as pricing.


Silkier foundation products will have the matte look more lucid with skin that breathes. Most women struggle to find their skin tone. Currently, technology has products that allow a variety of tints be added to moisturizers so foundations are a perfect match.

Consider the trials with photo stations taking pictures followed by directing consumers to a matching shade. Companies like COVERGIRL even provide online tools for helping you match skin types with desired coverage and finishes.


Technology has combined medical advancements with lipsticks to protect from harmful UV rays as well as built-in moisturizers that make lips appear plumper.

In addition, tons of new shades and level of thickness are also options. This holds true for lip liners having the same rejuvenating properties.

Some products are now incorporating film-formers that increase lip plumpness and something called transfer resistance. Products today aren’t your mother’s lipstick.

Product Size and Packaging 

Gone are the days of large compacts filled with pressed powders, bulky foundation bottles, long mascara and lipstick canisters, and awkward blush and eye shadow cases.

Instead of taking up the entire vanity each day, the sink displays items nicely. Cosmetic bags have also shrunk in size while still leaving plenty of room for essentials.

On-the-go packages are shorter, smaller, and weigh less taking up minimal space as they continue to cover the same face.

Product Performance

Woman can also find products that last longer without a new application such as lipstick. The fresh look with a natural theme rules as it leaves supple skin for wearers of less make-up.

Cosmetics do not just hide wrinkles, instead new formulas are minimizing them. The evolution of products has enabled women to carry fewer items eliminating the need for cosmetic bags altogether.

Slipping the favorite compact and lip accessory into a side zipper of a handbag is an emerging trend.


This last section has women around the world excited. Many budgets over the years have been busted trying to keep cosmetic bags well-stocked. Shopping at sites such as is welcomed with a myriad of products, sales, coupons, and promotional giveaways.

An example of this could be the Ulta promo codes from Discountrue. A new option is buying in bulk with longer expiration dates due to scientific advances.

Cosmetics continue to change as trends and technologies progress. Keep an eye out for new products that step it up that extra notch and make for stand-out beauty.

(Contributed by Anica Oaks)

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