4 Tips for Growing Old in Style

Growing old cannot be escaped. However, aging doesn't have to be a drag, and, even under the most stressful health circumstances, you and your loved one can find ways to age in style. All you have to do is make the most of the situation and be willing and ready to have fun and try new things! Here are 4 ways to help you and your spouse make the most of growing old together:

Be Ready to Say Yes!
As much as you can, help your loved one say "yes" to new opportunities and stay active. Encourage them to do the simple activities of daily living on a routine basis. Bathing and dressing daily will help your loved one feel ready for the day ahead. That way, when activities, visitors and events present themselves, you're ready to take full advantage of making memories.

Even if you are in a care center or are in hospice care, like that at Corner Home Medical, there are days when your loved one may have better spirits and higher energy levels. However, always try to enjoy spending time together, but make sure to keep in mind their health needs and fatigue levels. In this setting, a simple pleasure may be an in-home manicure or haircut. You both will appreciate the closeness and one-on-one time this affords.

Jazz Up the Atmosphere!
Whether your loved one is still in their home or an assisted living situation, surrounding them with simple decor will brighten the room and the mood. Keep the floors and walkways clear to avoid falls, but brighten up the windows and walls with their favorite photos and artwork. By doing that you can make their home a happier place to be! It is amazing how much joy a little natural light can bring into your house.

You also can purchase a tablet or MP3 player and teach your loved one how to use it. Load it with all of their favorites-- even songs from the "good old days" are available for download or streaming. This is a great way to keep them entertained and having fun! Finding all of their favorite music and videos can really help lighten the mood when they are down.

Join In!
Group activities with family, friends or in an assisted living facility give many folks something to look forward to, social interaction and a way to make lasting memories. If your loved one has a particular hobby they enjoy, suggest it to the event coordinator of the facility or arrange it yourself. Let your wise one teach others a new skill. This is definitely a great way to stay involved and have a good time. There is no reason you can’t still have fun.

Say No!
Help your loved one prioritize their schedule. Health needs, injury or illness may require a decline of invitations or visitors so that energy can be restored. Be sure to let extended family and friends know when your loved one is not feeling up to company and outings. By doing this you can restore energy for other big events that you can look forward to going to. You need to make sure to save up energy on the little things so that you can be able to attend bigger events in the future.

Assisted living, nursing facilities and hospice care may sound like scary ventures for you and your loved one in need of assistance. However, with the right attitude and outlook, working through the aging process can be an incredibly rewarding experience.

Kara Masterson is a freelance writer from West Jordan, Utah. She graduated from the University of Utah and enjoys writing and spending time with her dog, Max.

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