Safe exercising after plastic surgery

Procedures in the field of plastic surgery are complicated, and not at all harmless, which is why the process of recovery must be taken very seriously. Going back to the workout routines after the surgery is of an utmost importance, but it must be safe for the patient so that it does not jeopardize the results of the procedure. Exercising benefits both body and mind, which is another reason to go back to it after the recovery is over.

Benefits of Exercising
One of the best-known benefits of exercising is definitely the weight loss. Every time a person engages in physical activity, the body burns calories and the excess of fat is being lost or prevented from piling up. Furthermore, regular workouts make the immune system stronger, which helps the body stay healthy and battle the infections and viruses more efficiently. What is more, a wide range of health problems can be avoided with the regular exercise, such as stroke, depression, arthritis, type 2 diabetes and many other. At least 30 minutes of exercising every day will make anyone feel better, have fun and keep the weight balanced.

Post-Surgery Exercises
A personalized workout regimen can greatly improve the results during the plastic surgery recovery. Considering every patient is different, it is essential that every workout program is customized to fitness levels and overall health of the patent. It is, also, crucial that patient rests for the first 48 hours without engaging in any intense activity. Light cardio activities such as walking around the neighbourhood, or on a very slow setting on a treadmill may be considered in the early phase of the recovery. Cycling slowly on a stationary bike is recommended as well, but not for too long.

Four weeks after a breast augmentation is done, a woman should not lift anything heavier than 10 pounds, push or pull heavy objects, and not engage in any weight training. However, during this period lower body specific exercises are recommended. Lunges, leg presses, squats and any type of leg exercise without weights is allowed.

A light cardio workouts including walking or stationary cycling is acceptable by the third week after the liposuction is performed. Patients are required to wear a compression garment in the first four weeks after the surgery, as well as during the exercise. Weight lifting and running can be considered after two weeks of light cardio.

According to some doctors, six weeks after a tummy-tuck procedure a patient can start doing cardiovascular type exercises. Treadmill, running, speed walking and elliptical trainer are perfect aerobic exercises. Patients should avoid weight lifting because it can jeopardize the incision and the sutures.

After a breast reduction, a patient should focus on lower body exercises. Lunges and body weights are recommended, while weights should be avoided in the immediate weeks following the procedure. Stationary cycling, walking and low impact cardio are all he exercises a patient should consider during the recovery phase. Until the surgeon approves the exercises involving the upper body, they should be avoided.

The most important thing to consider when opting for a plastic surgery is the doctor that will perform the procedure. Professionals such as Dr Rizk should be the number one choice because they are qualified, and have great experience in the field.

Regardless of the procedure a patient has had on his or her body, it is very important to know that the recovery takes time, patience and discipline. Do not be anxious to start working out intensively right away, because you may put your results and your health at risk. Therefore, follow the advice of your surgeon and make sure you do not make any serious steps without previously consulting with the doctor.

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