How to wear Office-appropriate makeup like a pro?

Smudged eyeliner, tangled hair, half-painted nails is the story of every other working woman. Yes, we all know that we should look presentable at workplace but how many of us really know what presentable actually is!

For looking well dressed and presentable, it gets really important to look your extreme best without letting your responsibilities and tensions taking toll on you. And for that, you need makeup that is long lasting, and yes not bright. 
All you need to follow is this makeup guide before heading to your workplace.

Keeping it all natural is the key, darling!

Keeping it all natural is the key to nail office makeup. Unless you are working in a fashion zone, or nightclub; it is suggested to let it be soft-toned. Go for a tinted moisturizer, long-lasting one so as you don’t feel the need for re-touches.

Highlight the cheekbones

At the times when office lighting can be unflattering – Just imagine, the fluorescent lights beaming while giving a presentation. Better apply highlighter to your cheekbones to bring more emphasis on cheeks.

For those eyes only

Yes, we know how big smokey eye or catty- eye lover you are, but taking it to office is not a good idea. Go for a natural eye shadow instead.

And yes – no heavy eyeliner! Thick eyeliner catches everyone’s attention in a jiffy and makes your eyes pop. We recommend just applying it in the outer corner of the eye.

4. Lip Tip

Do you too get confused when it comes to choosing the lip color for office? Indeed, a power lipstick can fill the air of confidence in you but to keep it safe, opting for neutrals will be the right go. Lip balms, neutrals, lip stains and all that easy stuff. The key is to keep it simple and well-defined.

5. Power Hair

In the office, avoid the messy hairdos. Keep it sleek- go for ponnies, add style to it by keeping it glossy or using the smoothening serum. Think of taking it up a notch by wrapping it elegantly with a thick hair strand. Also, avoid the colourful highlights for office. Pick shades which are similar to your natural hair colour.

6. Nail the Nails

Sure, there is no harm in playing with the nails. But would not it be better if you do keep the funky or designer nails for weekends and show some serious colours in the weekdays!?

Tips to Remember

  • French manicure is best
  • Think of shades like nudes, pastel hues as these kinds of looks score good marks when it comes to office makeup.
  • For weekends, you can go for the nail arts and cool prints


7. Take care of the Fragrance

When it comes to office, sticking to light sprays is the best. Studies suggest that the aroma helps to improve the mental performance and let you feel imaginative.

P.S: More chances of appraisal…*Yay*

Now when you got the guide to do Power-makeup, be ready to garner compliments for your thoughtful choice. Do experiments, but do it wisely.

What is your 9-to-5 look? Tell us all about it!

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