Depression Has Negative Effects on Your Body

Depression is a state of very low mood that may change the way you think and act. But depression does not only affect your state of mind, it can also have negative effects on your body. If you want to learn more about the physical effects of depression on your body, make sure you keep reading.

 Depression Hurts Your Immune System
One of the biggest reasons one should consider seeking a treatment for depression is the fact that depression can seriously hurt immune system. T-cells which are responsible for keeping your bodies safe from pathogens, carcinogens as well as any other harmful foreign organisms get impaired by depression. When impaired, T-cells are not capable of protecting your body and harmful organisms are more likely to appear. Not only this but when you are depressed, your T-cells cannot defend your body from some serious conditions such as heart conditions, asthma and osteoarthritis.

Depression Affects Your Cardiovascular System
Some of the recent studies showed that depression and cardiovascular diseases are interlinked. According to the results of the study, around 20% of patients who suffer from a cardiovascular disease have a history of major depression. People who suffer from depression are more likely to develop habits such as smoking and excessive alcohol consumption. Both of these are known to be triggers for many cardiovascular diseases. Irregular sleeping patterns are also something depressed people may suffer from. Not getting enough sleep can also be a trigger for cardiovascular diseases.

Depression Has Negative Effect on Your Digestive System
Depression can also affect your appetite. When dealing with depression, many people tend to overeat. They also tend to choose unhealthy foods and drinks. This is because foods high in sugar make them feel happier, but only briefly. Once the good feeling is over, people feel bad about themselves and sink in depression even more. On the other hand, there are people who lose too much weight when depressed. Either way, such change in body weight is never good and can lead to some serious medical conditions and can damage your digestive system.
Depression Causes Fatigue
Living with a depression can be a real challenge and one of the things that makes it worse is fatigue. Fatigue and depression are interlinked and can have a negative effect on your everyday life. But not only does fatigue disrupt your daily routine but it also makes it even harder to get the depression under control. Fatigue is a normal symptom in situations you have suffered a loss of a close person. Many people experience heavy fatigue after a loss and find it very difficult to get back on the right track. It is very important to accept the loss and try to move on.

Depression Prevents You from Getting Enough Sleep
As mentioned above, sleep deprivation is another symptom of depression. Many people who suffer from depression totally disrupt their sleeping patterns. This can seriously affect their body. Not getting enough sleep can also lead tom nay different serious issues. Sleep deprivation can affect your looks, memory and mood. Lack of sleep will also make it much more difficult to keep up with your daily routine as well as make you more prone to cause accidents. Poor-quality sleep also impairs your judgment and ability to make good decisions.
Depression is a serious issue and left untreated, it can cause many other serious issues. Consulting a doctor in case you are showing signs of depression is an absolute must.

(Contributed by Diana)

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  1. The only sign of depression that would literally show on the body, as in others could see it, would be weight change. Often a depressed person will gain or lose a significant amount of weight.
    But other symptoms of depression do manifest physically, usually pain and such... The most common are:
    - headaches
    - backaches
    - stomach pain
    - a general sense of fatigue

  2. Saloni4:40 PM

    Stress and Depression can cause a whole host of symptoms, such as acne, bald patches or other skin disorders for example and also includes some of the things you mentioned above.

  3. Seema4:42 PM

    depression cause body pain. . it can cause neck, shoulder, upper back pain also tension headaches.


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