Beautiful and Pregnant: How to Manage Stretch Marks and Maintain Healthy Skin

Bringing life into this world is an absolutely beautiful thing. Unfortunately most women do not feel their best after noticing the stretch marks that their little bundle of joy left behind. While they are nothing to be ashamed of, removing stretch marks is on many women's minds whether they are post-pregnancy or post-weight loss. Here are a few ways to manage these scars as well as keep new ones from appearing.

Coco Butter
This is a great option to use early on in pregnancy, as it is best at preventing stretch marks before they become noticeable. Coco butter does soften scar tissue, so your older marks may diminish in appearance as well. It is cost effective, and as easy as applying your daily lotions, making it a simple option to try.

Vitamin E Oil
Vitamin E oil can be applied all over the body for a healthy dose of moisture, as well as create a firmer, more elastic skin texture. It is fantastic for improving circulation and blood flow, so there is really no harm in slathering some of this oil on before bedtime. It is great to keep wrinkles at bay and your face supple, too.

Stretch Mark Removal Creams
While these options tend to vary in how well they work, most will greatly diminish scars and build up collagen in the skin. Mederma and Mustela are popular brands with varying degrees of success. They both carry many options such as intense scar creams and plain lotions to fit anyone's needs. Apothederm is another brand to consider, as it boasts firming action as well as helping with both old and new stretch marks.


Laser Removal
If lotions and potions are not up your ally, you may want to consider laser removal. The cost and discomfort is really the only downside, as your scars will be removed completely after a few sessions. There are microdermabrasion kits such as this and this that can be used at home as well, but they may not have as permanent of an effect. This option, while the most effective, does take some careful consideration before taking the plunge because you will need some recovery time.


There is really no downside to trying any of these methods on for size. At the most, you will see your stretch marks fade away, and at the least they will diminish in appearance and your skin will be silky smooth. Lathering on the lotions is great for other skin ailments as well, such as dryness and eczema. 

(Contributed by Lizzie Weakley)

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