Style guide to look and be summer ready

With the summers fast approaching, its time to bring out the summer dresses, breezy skirts and the colorful shorts to beat the heat and get your holiday vibe on. So for those looking to avoid the scorching heat, here is our guide to help you dress smart and enjoy this season.

  • Choose styles in cotton fabrics over synthetic
Being a natural fiber, cotton absorbs the sweat from your body and allows it to vaporize into the air. It not only absorbs the moisture from the body but also prevents any pesky bacteria or yeast infections. Synthetic fabrics do not allow the body to breathe and therefore should be avoided altogether in this season. Summer dresses for women in cotton are a must have for this season so be sure to stock up on these!
  • Pastels are the way to go
Lighter colors or pastels are the way to go in the summer season, as they do not absorb the heat and help you stay cool all day long. Darker colored clothing absorbs the heat from the sun’s rays making a person feel hotter. Summer dresses or a pretty shirt tucked into pastel colored shorts make for a classy yet summery outfit.

  • Accessorize it up!
A great way to glam up a comfortable summer outfit is with some statement accessories. Pair some statement heels with a pretty woven summer dress or match a neckpiece with your basic white t-shirt and jeans. It’s the smaller details that create the most impact and by accessorizing well a simple outfit can be dressed up right away!
  • Loose clothing is a must!
With the scorching heat under the sun’s rays you’d prefer clothes that do not stick to the body and cut off your circulation. It’s for this reason airy dresses, kaftans and palazzo pants for women are a great choice for the summers. Not only are they comfortable but also lend a young and chic vibe to the wearer.

  • Protect yourself with the essential Sun-screen
With shorts, skirts and dresses being the staple for the summer season, it’s important that you remember to stock up on the much-needed sunscreen as well. This is because with the skin being exposed to the sun’s rays you get prone to UV damage as well as rashes. To avoid this, sunscreen is a must and is every girl’s best friend especially during the summer. Not only does it prevent heat damage but also prevents the drying up of the skin and thereby delaying the onset of wrinkles as well. For those looking to add some style could even add a hat to their outfits to protect them from sun.

Additional Do’s and Don’ts for the summer
  • It’s essential to wear matching colored bras under fitted-vest tops for those looking to flaunt their beach-ready bodies.
  • Opt for patterns instead of solids as they help hide the inevitable sweat stains better!
  • In case of bags to avoid anything sticking to the body it’s advisable to go for something small with a thin strap instead of a shoulder bag.
  • Slip dresses are a must for a sexy yet classy look for those partying it up in the hot summer nights.
  • Trade in the heels for sandals for the summer as they go perfectly well with summer dresses making a woman look cute and pretty!

All in all with these tips in stow you are ready to look and feel your glam best this summer season!

(Contributed by Priya Rastogi)

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