7 Legendary Asian Hairstyles That Have Made An Incredible Come Back This Decade

Women love to experiment with their look and why should they not! Asian women are known not only for their glowing skin but also for their lustrous hair. Asian hairstyles are the favorite among all generations. These hairdos are surprisingly always in fashion and never tend to die!

The texture of hair plays an important role while you want to choose the right kind of hairstyle. Another aspect to choosing the perfect hairstyle is the shape of one’s face. If you’ve got these things in place then be sure to look your best.  There are some legendary hairstyles that have always been around and yet seem to look new each time you adorn that particular style. This is the magic of Asian hairstyles!

Let us try out a few classy hairstyles that have ruled this decade. You can try these styles whenever you get bored of your look. From the chic to the sophisticated one, we have an array of different hairstyles that will leave you asking for more!

Over the decade, the fashion industry has witnessed a number a different hairstyles that suits various textures of hair and face cuts. Some hairdos have always dominated the fashion world and help women try on trendy looks each time they get exhausted with their own style.

Be innovative with your hair and try on a fresh look. You can even add a zing to your style by adding a bit of color to your hair to offset the regular look. Women with long hair are lucky in a way because they can do so much with their hair without too much of pondering.

Hairstyles talk a lot about your personality and I’m sure none of you would want to make a mistake here!

1. The Long, Wavy Hairdo: Who can give a miss to this hairstyle! We all would love to flaunt this look. Women with long hair can carry this style with élan. You can try out soft curls or even tight curls but if you want an elegant look then go for the softer curls which fall onto your shoulders with ease.

2. Short Bob hairstyle: Young girls would vouch for this style at any given time! The bowl cuts are so chic and would surely make your features stand out. You can call this hairstyle more of a teenage look. The best part about the bob cut is that in spite of being so short; this haircut still looks very feminine. If you are looking for a hairstyle that would give you a completely new look, this the bob cut is the one for you. The asymmetrical bob too is a funky hairstyle to try out.

bob hairstyle photo: bob type bob2010hairstyles6.jpg

3. The Pixie look: This is one such hairstyle that would definitely make you stand out in a crowd. The short haircut with neat layers covering the crown area looks awesome! You can even add some color to your hair to make it look more flattering. Women with short hair don’t have to worry too much about choosing different hairstyles. There are so many styles to make others envious of you and this is one of them.

4. The Donut bun hairstyle: Buns are evergreen when it comes to fashion. They have been around since decades. The donut bun looks sophisticated and very stylish. Women with long or even shoulder length hair can try out this hairdo.

This sleek bun suits any face and goes well for any occasion.

5. The Fringe: The fringe is ever so feminine! The younger generation would never get tired donning this look.  Those little bands that fall over the forehead suit almost all face shapes. If you are looking at a trendy hairdo then go in for the ultimate fringe.

6. The Blunt Cut: You can even call this hairstyle ’The corporate look’. Working women are in awe of this style. The blunt haircut is time saving and perfect for those women who are busy. A great look for corporate life. To add a bit of a glam look, you can have a few layers in the front that fall over your forehead giving you a demure look.

7. Wavy hair with bangs: Who can ignore the most beautiful bangs falling over your face! Just leave your hair loose and keep the curls soft. This signature look is so casual and can be worn for any occasion. It is by far one of the most favorite among all generations. It is easy to try on and less time consuming.
I hope you all have enjoyed reading about these fabulous hairstyles. Do try some of them that suit you mood and style! Flaunt a new look each season and make a style statement of your won with these pretty hairstyles.

Go ahead and show off your latest hairdo!

(Contributed by Surbhi)

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