Fashionable Glasses: 4 Styles to Complement Your Wardrobe

Do you hate having to wearing glasses?

If so, you are wearing the wrong kind. When you are stuck wearing dull glasses that don't complement your facial shape and your style, it will be hard leaving the house feeling confident. While there are dozens of styles to choose from, there are four styles of glasses that are hot right now and are certain to complement your wardrobe.

1. Vintage

Retro frames are so popular right now that you will see everyone from celebrities and movie stars to your coworkers wearing them. However, you need to find a frame that suits your face. Since retro eyeglasses can be a bit over the top, you may not find yourself wearing them on a daily basis; rather, you may save them for parties and nights out on the town. The wilder the vintage glasses, the simpler your outfit should be to balance out the glitz and glam of the eyewear.

2. Geek Chic

Nerds are super cool right now, so whether you are a secret nerd or a proud nerd, you can find eyewear that suits your needs. You can find nerd chic eyewear on celebrities like Victoria Beckham and Johnny Depp who wear them stylishly and flawlessly. You can easily transition geek chic eyewear from the office to a date or a night out with friends since they are stylish yet so versatile.

3. Classic

Do you have a type of "uniform" that defines your closet? If so, you are more likely to feel comfortable in a pair of classic frames. These frames are certainly not boring, but are classy and elegant, making you feel sharp. They usually come in muted colors like black, tortoiseshell and gray, allowing you to pair them with just about everything in your closet. You can easily find a pair that suits you on Spectacle Shoppe Inc. and similar websites that offer multiple options for classic eyewear.

4. Aviator

While many people love aviator frames for sunglasses, they are equally stylish as eyeglasses. You can choose from slim sleek frames to chunkier frames depending on the shape of your face and your style choices. If you opt for bolder clothing, then chunkier frames may suit you best, while sleeker aviator frames are perfect for self-identified minimalists who live in black and gray.

If you avoid wearing your glasses because you cannot stand the way they look, it is time to find a pair that suits you best. Invest some time in yourself and consider alternative options, even styles that you think may not work—they just could! With so many different styles to choose from, picking your favorite pair of eyeglasses is actually fun now.

(Contributed by Anica Oaks)

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