Adding Fragrance to Your Fashion Wardrobe

Cultivate your Personality

I’ve always subscribed to the notion that our individual style could be cultivated, and once cultivated it would evoke our personality and allure. To bring forth your inner being into the external world. Is that not a beautiful notion?

How to do it, though? Well, most people personalize their hair, clothing, and makeup based on their personality, which is, usually, inherently linked to their values and ideas. Some men prefer a sleek side-part haircut over a high-parted comb-back, and some woman prefer fresh floral dresses over restructured denim.
But, once your outfit and physical exterior are good to go then what’s next? If you really want to better your fashion wardrobe and style then you’ll need to add fragrance to it. Fragrance is the ultimate accessory of fashion because it is an unseen element of style that can positively affect you, and the people around you. The best part of fragrance is that it can be personalized just like your wardrobe.


Why you should add fragrance to your wardrobe

Increased Confidence

Wearing fragrance makes men and women more confident. Period.

Craig Roberts from the University of Liverpool worked with a team from Unilever’s research laboratory and found that, “when a man changes his natural body odour it can alter his self-confidence to such an extent that it also changes how attractive women find him.” Dr. Roberts compiled two groups of men volunteers: the first group received a fragrance with an active ingredient, and the second group received a fragrance with no active ingredient. The volunteers were aware of whether their fragrance contained an active ingredient or not. Dr. Roberts found that the first group, men volunteers who received a fragrance with an active ingredient, “showed an increase in self-confidence . . . What was surprising was that their self-confidence improved to such an extent that women who could watch them, but not smell them, noticed.”

It’s interesting to note that just applying a fragrance changes a man’s confidence, which exudes out into his physiological form; changing his physical movement and stature. But, to also smell breath-taking is just an added bonus.

In a study conducted by Rachel S. Herz., she found that “90% of all women tested in the fragrance study reported feeling more confident when they wore fragrance than when they did not.” When we look good we feel good, and when we smell great we feel even better!

Become Memorable

The scent you choose to wear can trigger specific memories for the people around you who experience your scent. Rachel S. Herz., explains that “odors elicit more emotional and evocative memories than any other sensory cues.” Consider the kind of effect you could have on the people around you if every element of your fashion wardrobe looked extraordinary in your eyes, and then you ADDED fragrance to top it off. You would capture attention through your speech, external dress, and scent. Your personalized smell adds an intensity to your fashion wardrobe that leaves you feeling and being truly memorable.

How to find the right fragrances for you.


Are you a fragrance connoisseur? Maybe you’re new to the fragrance game? Whether you’re an experienced fragrance user, or a complete amateur, I’ll help you find the right fragrances for you.

For beginners I would recommend creating a list of the kinds of scents you like or dislike. Don’t like lavender? Then don’t buy a fragrance that contains a large amount of lavender. If you know what scents you like then add those to your list. If you’re inexperienced with fragrance then this might be difficult for you unless you start sampling scents. You can either sample fragrances at department stores, or if you’re into luxury perfumery then I’d recommend Scent Trunk as they specialize in sending luxury fragrance samples.

Have a monetary range that you’re willing to spend within. Higher quality perfumes and colognes are going to cost you more. That’s just a fact. But, there are numerous fragrances that are highly affordable. Just make sure you have a price point so that you can filter through the countless fragrances in the market.

If you’d like to take an in-depth look at how to choose the most personalized fragrances for you then check out my Scent Discovery Tool.

That’s enough from me…now I want to hear from you.

Is there anything that I missed?

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Author Bio: Parteek Purba is a digital content writer, and the Editor for Scent Trunk. He enjoys writing about issues in the fragrance industry and self-developments pieces. 

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