Instant Recipe For Clean Hair

Your hair badly needs a shampoo, but unfortunately you are short of time and can't afford the luxury of an elaborate hair wash.

What to do?
Fret not! There's an easy way out.! I came across this one on a TV program and it's really good. This particular method needs only a few minutes and your hair will look good in a jiffy.

However don't make it an everyday affair but  employ this method only in an emergency.

Things you need:
  • An old clean stocking
  • A hair bristle brush
  • Hair Freshener or Conditioner
stockingsbristle brush for hair
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hair freshenerPantene hair conditioning spray
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The Method:
Cover the bristle brush with the stocking or rather force it inside the stocking. Now spray some hair freshener or hair conditioning spray over it and brush your hair with this covered bristle brush vigorously.

The effect: Your unkempt, messy, unclean hair will look good instantly.

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(Contributed by Dhanya)

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