Vintage look on a budget

Vintage clothes and accessories are very modern and popular nowadays. A lot of fashion icons and famous people wear them and try to make them more preferred by the society. Most of the vintage clothes are hand made from very high quality materials. They add an extravagant and unique look to every vision. Here are some tips and ideas how to create your vintage look on a budget, without having to spend too much money.

Vintage clothes make the person looks theatrical and if not properly matched, a little old-fashioned. To create the perfect vision with some vintage clothes and jewellery, choose the best clothes and accessories from the past years and combine them with modern clothes. You can use the clothes you already have and add them some fashionable accessories to create a modern and unique look.


If you don't have vintage accessories, buy some cheap ones from the stores. Leather gloves, silk scarves and jewellery of your choice are appropriate for every vision. Leather and suede handbags are the perfect vintage accessory for almost every style of clothes. You can also combine vintage silk scarf with cashmere cardigan or make another combination of your choice, including one or two vintage accessories with modern clothes.

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You can add a brooch from the 1920s to your coat or choose rhinestone jewellery dating from the 1950s to wear with your daily clothes. These combinations are effective and add an extravagant look to your style. The vintage accessories can be found in any vintage shop or from your parents' and grandparents' accessories.

You can buy a lot of vintage clothes on affordable prices, most of which with such quality of the fabrics would cost a lot more in the modern boutiques and shops. All cashmere clothes and dresses, the classic little black dress, trench coats and simple cotton dresses are appropriate for everyday wear. They will be considered trendy and with the vintage look you want to achieve. When you buy vintage wear, choose such vintage clothes, which you are certain you will put on many times.

Most of the fans of the vintage clothes and accessories like the thrill of the searching and the moments of coming upon the beautiful and precious piece of jewellery or accessories and clothes. You can check in the charity shops and this way you can buy wonderful vintage items, which worth their prices. The only thing you need to be prepared is to be patient enough to look and check a lot of items in many stores, before you find what you are looking for. You need to check charity shops regularly so that you won't miss any valuable accessories or clothing. The most worthy pieces are bought very quickly.


You need to have a good eye to find really precious and valuable vintage items and recognize, those, which are too expensive for their quality and real value. In the end you can always check your mother's and grandmother's accessories and clothes and choose the ones which suit you and create an interesting vision. You will certainly have a vintage and original look on a budget. You can also see what you can find in thrift sores and the inexpensive vintage fairs in London. These are places where you can find interesting items on affordable price.

The vintage look on a budget is not an impossible task. If you check your mother's and granny's accessories and clothes and select the most suitable of them for you, the results may be really impressive. Combining vintage clothes with modern jewellery and trendy clothing with some vintage accessories, you can achieve unique and modern vision without spending too much money.

Author Bio: Joisse Bailey is a stylish lady who works for CityCleaners Wimbledon in London. She likes the vintage look but always combine something old with something modern to achieve the best fashion results.

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