Geometric prints - how to mix it and wear it

Wearing geometric prints is a sure-fire way to get noticed immediately, the shapes and patterns they form are usually associated with psychedelic features. Usually people who are comfortable standing out wear such daring prints. But be careful as mixing it with other prints you might get noticed, just not for all the right reasons.
Creating daring outfits is not an easy task, and most of the times, it will be required that you carefully plan out your outfit so that you do not get too many awry looks. After all, you want to be noticed for your good and fashionable choices in clothing.

How to mix patterns and prints
How to wear it?
Choosing the right geometric print to go with your outfit is not an easy choice as you have to take many factors into account. The aesthetics of the whole outfit, especially the print your go with; will affect not only how you will look like, but your overall body appeal as well. Furthermore, if you wear a top with a unique print, you will of course divert attention to your top area, and if you choose a skirt then of course to your lower area.

On the other hand, if you are facing issues with height, then you should go for a vertically oriented pattern to look taller; and go for something that is heavily focused on a unique pattern to attract attention to your torso, for the taller people as it will make you seem regular sized.

What to wear?
When summer comes around you are not limited to only wearing regular clothing with geometric prints, when it gets really hot outside, it is time to slip into something more comfortable and more appropriate for the poolside. Swimwear can also represent your fashion statement, and wearing a bikini with prints can be both daring and dazzling.

You can mix up swimwear by breaking prints with solids, which means that you can wear different coloured parts of your two piece swimsuit and you will still have a daring yet elegant look. However, make sure that the colours are in the same range so that you do not create a faux pas.

If you feel that your outfit needs more than you can always add an accessory to go with your whole look. This way you will be able to minimize the addition of printed garments but still mix in a little bit of daringness, adding a printed bag is perhaps the best idea, as it can be just the right amount of prints you need for mixing up your style.

Do not go overboard with jewellery, aim for simple geometric designs in either silver or gold so that you can still make a statement without having to pay a hefty price for print mixing, but stay away from rhinestones and heavy pendants.

Whether you are mixing up your style with geometric prints for fun, or if you are trying to establish a new style it is important to have fun and to be confident about it. Your goal is to create an awesome look that you will enjoy the most, because if you think and believe that you look great, others will do so too.

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