Trending Selfies and the Rise in Cosmetic Surgery

We all live in a world where taking a selfie has become a priority, and if you do not take an excellent one daily, your day will be ruined. Although you do not have to look far to see that even stars are obsessing as we have countless pictures to prove them doing it.


The most astounding fact is that selfies have made a great significant role in cosmetic surgery too; because people want to look their absolute best when they take a self-portrait, it is important to do everything in their might so that the picture can be absolute perfection.

Plastic surgery
Because of selfies people are always examining whether their facial features are perfect and whether their faces are flawless so that the next one they take will break the Internet; whereas in reality, more and more people, famous or otherwise, are undergoing surgical procedures to alter their looks. Moreover, this trend has made an increase in people being more self-critical than ever before; people have become more self-aware because of social media platforms which can show all of our aspects of our lives. Because of selfies, vanity has become an alarming issue with men, women and even in younger generations too.

Surgical procedures
More and more people are choosing plastic surgery to make themselves more appealing, and studies have shown that there is an increase in facelifts, rhinoplasty, botox, eye surgery and even hair transplant. The end results are all the same basically, people who went to surgery will look undeniably more beautiful, but they will be never happy with how they look. It is a never ending quest to increase beauty to such a level that the selfie game will be changed forever. Unfortunately, it is never going to happen because the more vain people become the more distorted their vision of beauty does so to.

The worst part about this unfortunate global phenomenon is that it creates unrealistic standards and expectations for everyone in terms of beauty. Plastic surgery is about achieving the ideal facial features and not about having a face of someone who is famous.


Creating perfection
It is believed that for every good selfie, there are at least dozens of bad ones taken prior to get to the really good ones. It will take the right angle, lighting, perfect post and some editing skills with filters to achieve the best possible one yet. The need for surgical intervention is because it will create a perfect look that can be captured from any angle and in any light.

In the end
Remember that each and every person is unique, but by altering your looks to look like someone else, you are getting rid of the unique parts that make you beautiful. You should appreciate your own beauty and not try to alter it. The rise in cosmetic surgery is thanks to people becoming vainer than they have been; do not forget that the next time you are taking a selfie.

(Contributed by Kelly)

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