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Besides the great music, long days and cool nights at music festivals this summer, one essential factor is the fashion.  Fellas, fashion is not left only to the girls, so here are some go to looks for your next festival…
Generally men’s fashion can be described as simple and plain, but if there is a place to break out of your fashion shell, it’s at your upcoming music festival! Go with bold; button up short sleeve shirts with floral or Hawaiian prints. Festivals are no time to play it safe; pops of bright color as well as fun graphic tees make any outfit festival ready. If you’re festival falls mid-summer then desert-like temperatures are expected. Throw on a cotton tank in a bold colors or stripes and in order to stay cool. Leave the sports shorts at home and try cut-off jean shorts or shorter chino shorts.

Similar to the ladies, you need simple, functional accessories to complete your look. Hats are in this summer and we know the perfect styles to bring along. Wide brim hats are the best look for a day full of concerts and dancing. The sleek look accompanies any style you’re going for, along with the bonus of protection for your face from the sun. If hats aren’t your thing try a simple pair of shades! Footwear is generally simple for guys; a great pair of sneakers can be adapted for any outfit. Stay away from sandals for grassy or muddy festivals such as Firefly and go for a light pair of closed toed shoes!

As you check over your final packing list, check out the festival ready items has to offer!
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(Contributed by Victoria)

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