Dramatic Eyes: Tips for Picking Colored Contacts

You may wear traditional contacts to improve your eyesight, but have you considered trying colored contacts to change your appearance? Colored contacts can be worn by most people whether they need prescription lenses or not. When picking colored contacts, ask yourself the following questions.

Dramatic Eyes, Tips for Picking Colored Contacts

Why Do You Want Colored Contacts?

There are three main reasons to choose colored contacts.

• To Enhance Your Regular Eye Color: If you already like the color of your eyes, you can get colored contacts to make that color pop.
• To Try a New Color: If you want to completely change your eye color, there are contacts available that will cover your natural color and let you show off something new, whether you want to try something traditional like blue or green or try something exotic like amethyst.
• To Complete a Costume: Are you very dedicated to cosplay or your Halloween costume? If you want to get every detail right, try some colored contact lenses for the ultimate accuracy.
• To Make Application Easy: Some contacts are lightly tinted to make them easier to find and put in your eye. These contacts don’t change your eye color.

What Will Look the Best?

There are no hard and fast rules about what colors you can and can’t wear, but traditionally some people look better with certain colors than others. Consider your skin tone and hair color to choose a color that looks best on you.

Skin tone
• If you have a warm skin tone, natural brown, hazel, and honey hues will look best on you. Bright blue and green colors can look artificial with this skin tone.
• If you have a medium skin tone, you have more flexibility. Green, brown, hazel, honey, and violet hues will likely compliment your skin.
• If you have a cool skin tone, bright colors look good on you. Try blue, violet, or turquoise contacts. (Information from Livestrong)

Hair color
For the most natural look, pick colored contacts that match common naturally occurring eye and hair colors. Red-heads often have green eyes, blondes often have blue eyes, and brunettes often have brown eyes. You don’t have to stick to these rules, but they are a good guideline for what looks natural.

Do They Meet Your Criteria?

When choosing contacts, it is important to make sure they suit your lifestyle and needs. Eyconx, with contact lenses in Calgary, uses the following items as criteria for helping clients choose contact lenses.
• Duration of wear.
• Type of lens/prescription.
• Price range.
• Manufacturer preference/availability.

Make sure your lenses will be comfortable and easy to apply. Consult an eye doctor to make sure they are safe for your eyes and for help choosing the best style and brand.

Once you’ve answered the above questions, you are ready to start experimenting with colored contact lenses. Whether you want to enhance your current look or try something new, contact lenses are a simple, easy way to change your appearance.

Contributed by Anica Oaks

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