Lashes, Lips and Hips: 5 Full-Body Tips for the Summer

Summer is on its way, bringing higher temperatures and higher hemlines. Do you feel ready to don your suit and sandals and hit the beach? If not, here are some tips to help you get ready for the long summer days ahead.

1. Evaluate Your Wardrobe

Many of us tuck our shorts and summer shoes away in the closet when the cold weather hits and don’t pull them out again until it’s time to head back to the pool. Take some time to evaluate what summer supplies you’ve got (before you need them).

Clothes that fit you well will be more comfortable and more flattering than things you’ve outgrown. Organize a personal fashion show and try your wardrobe on for size. If you find you’re missing a summer essential, such as a reliable breezy skirt or a pair of office-appropriate shorts, go out on a quest!

2. Enjoy the Sun

Summer brings lots of opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors. Whether you plan to tan or not, spending some time in the sun will keep you healthy and happy. 
Consistent exposure to sunlight has been linked to normalizing blood pressure, stabilizing mood, and improving medical problems such as arthritis and diabetes. Increased vitamin D has even been shown to eliminate aches and pains and chronic tiredness.

Be sure to wear sunscreen to prevent sunburn and other sun damage when you plan to be out in the sun for extended periods of time. But don’t let fear of sunburning keep you indoors; take advantage of the nice weather and get yourself outside!

3. Go Natural

From boating to hiking, the summer months and all of their outdoor activities keep most people pretty busy. Keeping up a complex daily beauty routine can cut your time to enjoy the summer. Simplify your hair and makeup routine this summer.

Steer clear of heavy hair products. Instead, let the natural texture of your hair draw its own attention this summer by minimizing your use of heat tools and damaging color treatments. Your time spent in the sun will help your hair collect its own natural summer highlights.

After you’ve spent some time in the sun, your skin acquires a natural healthy glow. Don’t cover this (or any summertime freckles) up with heavy foundation. Use a little naturally colored blush to enhance that healthy look. Using a light, neutral palette for your eye and lip makeup is also a great way to let your natural beauty shine through this summer.

4. Treat Yourself

Summer sneaks up on a lot of us, leaving us feeling less than swimsuit-ready. If you’ve been waiting to add a new element to your beauty routine, summer is the time to try it.

Test some new makeup and styles. Try a new form of exercise.  If you are considering a more drastic change, look at your options for sunless tanning, personal training, or teeth whitening. 
Before submitting to any medical or dental treatment, talk to an expert like those at Dentrix Dental Care. Sometimes, a single procedure is all you need to shed your winter inhibitions.

In the meantime, don’t let any hanging on winter worries keep you from getting outside to enjoy the summer—you’re worth it!

5. Smile

As the saying goes, “You’re never fully dressed without a smile.” Studies show that smiling, even when you aren’t “feeling it”, improves your mood (and even the moods of others). 
Smiling has even been linked to perceived attractiveness.  Finding every reason to smile can not only improve your mood and outlook, but also your health. Frequent smiling and laughing has been shown to reduce stress and even lower blood pressure.

Don’t leave your smile at home this summer.

Follow these simple tips to make this summer the best you’ve had.

Contributed by Meghan

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  1. Leena2:29 PM

    For naturally enhanced eyelashes, every night before you go to bed, take a Q-tip and coat your lashes in Vaseline. Let it soak overnight. I just started doing this and I'm getting fast and dramatic results.

  2. Prabha2:32 PM

    for long sexy lashes, curl them before applying mascara.
    -you can go to the dr.s and get eyelash extensions. theyre easy to get done, and you can swim, bathe and sleep in them.


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