6 Great Tips on How To Keep Your Hair Healthy During Winter

Whenever winter comes around some women just want to hide their hair under a hat for the duration of the colder months. This is because bad hair days are more common during winter. Split ends, dry and frizzy hair, and hair breakage can make some women be intimidated by winter weather. However, there are some things you can do to help keep your hair healthy during winter season.

Get a Trim
Getting a trim should be one of the first things you do in order to keep your hair healthy during the winter months. This is because if you already have hair problems with split ends the cold weather is just going to make it even worse. Start off on the right food and get yourself a good trim so that you can help set your hair up for success.

Leave Your Hair Alone
If you have a habit of always combing your hair or running your fingers through it - Stop. The additional manipulation and touching of your hair can lead to more shedding and more split ends.

It's a good idea to switch to styles that will help protect your hair from yourself. Hairstyles like fish tail braids or a top knot will help keep your comb and fingers from causing more damage to your hair.

Switch Up Hair Products
Switching up the hair products you use is a good strategy. Your hair can get accustomed to a product if you use it too often, which will cause it to not work as well as it's supposed to.

If you've got color in your hair then choose a hair product that is gentle on colored hair. Go with products that are made for moisturizing hair during winter weather. The more oils and vitamins in the product the better it will help improve your hair strands in the winter weather.

Properly Condition Your Hair
Properly conditioning your hair is very important, because when you wash your hair it loses a lot of nutrients that help it stay moisturized. Buy a conditioner that is designed just for hair treatment.

The right conditioner will help your hair regain most of the nutrients it loses in cold weather. Make sure you allow the conditioner to rest in your hair for at least fifteen minutes before washing out.

Moisturize Your Hair
It's essential to load your hair up with moisture because cold temperatures dry out hair and causes dryness and breakage. At least 1 time every week use a leave in hair treatment while you take a shower.

A leave in treatment will make your hair feel soft, moisturized, and more manageable. After the leave in treatment dry your hair gently trying to leave it a little damp so that all of the moisture doesn't leave your hair.
A light towel dry should do the trick, and then apply some Moroccan or olive oil into your hair to help lock in more moisture and leave your hair shining.

Don't Wash Your Hair Everyday
You might be tempted to wash your hair everyday but you should avoid doing this if you don't want your hair to break too often. Instead of washing your hair daily try washing it every other day and avoid blow drying it, curling it, or flat ironing it too often. If you overdo it with applying too many products to your hair it can make your hair much worse.

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