Skin Care Spa Treatments to Prep Your Skin for Winter

Planning a trip to the spa but worried about chapped skin and winter dryness? It’s certainly the season when a warm spa excursion will feel great, but it’s also that time when your skin is probably dry, lips are chapped, and you’re wondering if there’s anything that the spa can do to help. Of course there is. In fact, there are some great treatments which you can get at the spa which you won’t get at home. Seasonal spa treatments can help you to keep your skin looking healthy and smooth and can even protect skin from the cold, dry weather. So treat yourself to these skin saving winter treatments from your local spa or skincare center.

Dry Skin Slough
Lots of dry, flaky skin? Start yourself off with a good scrub. That dry skin can be sloughed right off with a full-body scrub. Usually, this involves either salt or sugar as the rough scrubbing agent. At Korean spas you can have a scrub that uses those scrubby gloves. Many of them sound delicious, like a brown sugar scrub. If your skin is feeling raw, this is probably not the best idea.

Wrap it Up
Full body wraps are ideal for people whose skin is feeling raw and unprotected. Choose a full body mud wrap to help seal in moisture and detoxify skin. A seaweed wrap is also detoxifying and can nourish skin with trace minerals. A body wrap is a real treat for the skin, providing deep and long lasting moisture and healing.

The Winter Facial
During the winter months, getting a facial should be different. Facials can be a bit harsh, as they tend to deep clean and strip the skin of its natural protections at the same time. But if a spa in your city can provide a winter facial, you’re in luck. Winter facials tend to be more soothing and include deep and intensive moisturizing treatments. They also incorporate enzymes and natural moisturizers that can work wonders. You can take care of any skin issues that have cropped up due to the holiday food and treats without exposing your skin to the elements.

A Long, Hot Massage
Part of the dreaminess of a day at the spa during winter is that it’ll definitely be warm in there. Massages can be warming and comforting, not to mention stress relieving. Stress can effect the skin, too, so you’ll be doing your whole body a favor by having a massage. Go for an oil massage such as hot oil or aromatherapy massage.

Milk Soak
Not every spa will offer this dreamy option, but if you can get it, by all means pick a milk bath. Some spas offer a warm milk treatment as part of a massage or post-treatment, while others have exotic soaks that include milk and honey. At the New York Shibui Spa, you can have a White Lotus Milk Soak or a Hinoki Mint Bath. Hydrotherapy baths are becoming more common, so see what you can soak in at your local spa.

Paraffin Mani-Pedi
Call up your manicurist and ask for a paraffin manicure. This is a treatment that uses warm wax to heal cracking or flaking nails and cracking cuticles. It also helps to soothe chapped hands and cracking heels. Even after the treatment is over, you’ll notice that your skin is fortified against the cold and dry. Your hands and feet will thank you.

A Trip to the Tanning Bed
It may seem obvious, but during long, cold winter days you don’t get much sun. Your skin and frame of mind can benefit from a bit of time under the rays of a tanning bed.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask
Most likely, the spa down the road is offering winter specials that include skin treatments specifically formulated for this time of year. Ask for winter deals as well as the best treatments for dry skin. Be sure to think about what your biggest complaints are before you call so you can tell them exactly what you need.
When your skin needs extra care, there’s nothing better than a spa treatment that can heal, nourish, moisturize, and fortify your skin for cold winter winds.

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