4 Clothing Items Every Man Should Have for Winter Season

With huge discounts being offered by most of the online retailers, this can be a perfect time to buy the essentials of your winter wardrobe. However, it’s difficult to stay updated on the latest trends in fashion, for those who are busy with their personal and professional lives. With so many choices available these days, men don't always know where to begin while revamping their wardrobe to beat the winter. Those who are keen on fashion may have already made a list of clothes to buy for this winter season.   There are 5 clothing items that are a must have in any man’s wardrobe.

Shirts – Shirts are the most important part of man’s wardrobe. Often, it is also the most invaluable clothing that cannot be missed out.Keep in mind the fit of the shirt makes you look stylish. Don’t buy shirts without having an idea about how they fit you. Shop for the shirts based on your needs and your office work culture. Most of the companies today accept semi formal dressing in the professional setting. For the winter, buy pure cotton shirts as they offer warmth when you wear them. Shirts made from Egyptian Giza cotton are also a good bet. For those planning to go for a holiday, there are printed shirts that are making a comeback in the men’s fashion runway.

Jeans – It’s fantastic to dress up in the faded jeans or torn jeans when you are studying in the college. The jeans should be both comfortable and flattering when you wear them.  Buy a pair of jeans that fit you well (Sagging in the butt is a big no). The size of the jeans fluctuates with different brands. So, it’s best to try and see if you feel comfortable wearing them. When trying them, check if they bunch around in the ankles and baggy at the thighs. If the jeans are free of all the things, it’s good to pick it up for your wardrobe. For the tall men, try narrow straight legged jeans.

Jackets – One item in the wardrobe that makes you look put-together is the jacket. With a strong emphasis on high quality jackets, they will add a touch of sophistication for your look. Though you may have a black in your wardrobe, for this season, go for a navy blue jacket. They not only flatter all skin tones but also fit in any occasion – from a lazy evening to more formal events. Not just that, the navy jackets give you endless possibilities for matching it with your favorite shirt and tie combination. If you live in regions that are way too cold, buy the short jackets that are made from wool, in shades of either grey or navy or beige.

Sweater – The runaway hit on the runway for the winter season is the sweater. It is a must have clothing item for any winter season. It’s always better to invest in a good piece of sweater rather than going in for the ones that are available cheaper. For those folks who want to experiment, try out sweaters with bright colors. They work absolutely great when worn with the jeans and the tees. There are different designs that are available in the sweaters. The most fashionable ones are the crew neck sweater and v neck sweater. For those interested to make a sporty look, turtle neck sweater should be your pick for this season.

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