How To Stay Stylish And Warm During Winter

Be stylish and chic during the winter months with a few ideas to look hot during the cold snap. Image by:  Jyri Engestrom

Winter is well and truly upon us. There’s a nip in the air, it’s getting darker earlier, and TV adverts are already heralding the imminent arrival of Christmas. 
But it also means you need to pay attention to our sartorial selections – in other words, you need to wrap up warm and look good.  And yes, it can be done – comfort can be combined with aesthetics and warmth with a winning clothing combo. 

So, look hot during the cold season with a few savvy winter clothing tips.  

A Sturdy, Fashionable Jacket
You might be instantly drawn to how fantastic it looks on the mannequin – but make sure it has the same wow factor on you.  Neutral colours are best when it comes to winter shades, and you really can’t go wrong with grey, black and brown. White – it goes without saying – is to be avoided, unless you’re unequivocal there’s no risk of getting it dirty.

A Versatile Hat
You can have different colours and styles of hats, but having one consistent ensemble immediately pulls together your look.  It’s best to buy a neutral-toned hat that compliments your coat.  Men should pick winter versions of their favourite hats; a newsboy or an insulated fedora work well. 

Scarf Up!
Like beans on toast and politics and corruption, a good scarf is an imperative and expected addition to any effective winter ensemble.  Cold and windy days leave your neck exposed and vulnerable to its wintery ravages, so protect it with a warm and fashionable scarf.

Even better, they’re relatively inexpensive nowadays and come in an exciting range of colours, styles and fabrics, so it’s easy to match them with your other clothes. Some of them can be worn inside too. 
Good combinations include a black coat paired with a dark or light grey scarf; navy; or even a quirky, fun pattern or print; and black is a colour that works well with practically anything

Winter weather can be rough and take its toll on our skin, so a good pair of gloves will prevent you from suffering from unsightly and often painful chapped, dry hands.  Streamlined gloves look chic but mittens or thicker gloves are obviously warmer. 

Finding a happy medium for your outfit is the key, and that takes into account the factors of hat, coat, scarf and the overall colour.   

If the weather’s particularly cold, you can always pad yourself out with a few extra layers.  For women, this arrangement is a little tricky but you could wear a camisole under a T-shirt, or a tank top under a thin, long-sleeved shirt.  Men have it a little easier, as inexpensive pack-of-five cotton T-shirts are available at practically every supermarket.

When it comes to winter shoes, you want to plump for pairs that cover your skin.  In other words, leave your strappy shoes and flip-flops for the spring and summer.  For autumn and winter footwear, you want to opt for warm boots, tennis shoes or ballet flats. Again, the rest of your clothing assemblage will dictate the shoes you wear (tennis shoes with a formal skirt and tights are a definite no-no, then).    

For men, heavier boots and shoes such as English gent, Chelsea boots and perforated formals – together with a thick pair of socks – are ideal.

Tights And Thermal Leggings
Wintery cold weather really isn’t the conditions to be exposing bare flesh, so don’t go bare-legged – tights or leggings beneath a skirt or dress is a wise (and more importantly, warm) move.  It’s appropriate to the climate, yes, but will also keep your legs softer as – like gloves – they protect them from the harsher elements.   And they come in so many varieties and styles, it’s impossible not to find a combination that works for you. 

Layer Thin Clothes
Lots of big, bulky coats not only look unattractive but are also extremely uncomfortable, so how about layering more summery clothes?  For example, you could wear a T-shirt under a long sleeved, pale top, then layer it with a thin hoody, and complete the ensemble with a long, open cardigan.  If you’re not one who particularly feels the cold, that would be ideal.

Winter Sunglasses
First reaction is that sunglasses are a fashion accessory purely for the summer – but they’re perfect for the winter months as well.  

In terms of practicality, they’re ideal for driving when the sun sets low, and if you’re hitting the slopes they’re essential for avoiding the glare of the snow. There’s a fantastic and stylish selection of winter sunnies, such as Oakley goggles, to choose from.

Have you got any handy hints and fashion pointers for staying stylish and warm during the winter? Share in the comments.
Susannah Perez is a fashion and beauty blogger who believes that fashion and staying warm aren’t mutually exclusive.

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