How To Rock Those Dark Lips: 5 Tips To Help Get You On Trend This Fall

Dark lips are on trend and hot for fall and winter. Darker lips are always hard to pull off. You have to be careful with your application technique, colors chosen and how you accessorize the rest of your body. Coordinating your makeup is also an important part of rocking dark lips in the best way possible. Here are five tips to make sure you look glam and trendy this season.

How To Rock Those Dark Lips- 5 Tips To Help Get You On Trend This Fall

Make Sure Your Teeth Are White
Yellowed or stained teeth can be accentuated by wearing dark-ruby lipstick, burgundy colors and other deep hues. Dentists in Charlotte, NC recommend booking a teeth whitening session or there are also at-home methods for teeth whitening. You want your pearly whites to look radiant against the dark colors and not dingy and dull.

Apply With A Lip Brush
A lip brush is your most important tool for rocking dark lips. You can apply the color with precision and care. Using the applicator given or your finger doesn't provide as much precision as a lip brush does. A proper brush will help you get into the small spots you would miss otherwise, and it also helps you avoid applying outside of your lip line.

Use A Skin-Colored Lip Liner
A skin-colored lip liner is the answer to all of your problems. It will hold the color in place, but it will also blend in with your skin. You don't have to buy a different liner for every lipstick you own. You really only need one liner to blend with all of your lip colors. It will also give you a clean palette to work with when adding any color. Dark or light lips, skin colored lip liner is really a must.

Exfoliate Your Lips
Smooth lips are a must for rocking dark colors. Dark lipstick is likely to show flakes and uneven spots. You want a smooth and soft surface for applying pigmented color. Use a cloth, toothbrush or even a lip scrub to get soft lips before application. Your lip color will hold better and look stunning throughout the day or night.

Blot And Use A Semi-Permanent Stain
Blotting after application and using a semi-permanent stain will help your color stay put all day and night. It means you won't have a transfer while kissing, drinking your morning coffee or eating lunch. Your lip color will stay perfect throughout the day.

Retouches Needed
Although most lip products claim to last all day, touch ups will inevitably be needed. The color is going to be a drastic change for your complexion and will fade with the wear and tear of your day. But once you have made the initial application, retouches will be a breeze throughout the day. Just remember that if you are going to attempt this look you want to commit.

Test Run
Performing a test run of the look is always a great idea. Considering our lips are naturally light in color, this look is going to be a dramatic change. By testing the look out you will have a chance to perfect the the technique and adjust to how the color will affect your complexion.

Dark colors are hard to work with, but it's possible to rock the look with the above tips. For extra care to your dark lips, apply a lip balm as a base and a top coat.

- By Brionna Kennedy

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