5 Tips To Build Self-Esteem Despite Being Short

In a lot of studies conducted to find the relationship between a person’s height and self-esteem, there was no direct correlation between height of a person and his/her self-esteem.  However, the perception of their peers, teachers, and acquaintances mainly depended on one's height -- at least when they met for the first time. We have discussed some of the tips below to nurture your self-esteem even though you are less than average height.

#1 Don’t act self-conscious
Don’t act self-conscious about your height. You might even be self-conscious about a lot of things other than your height. Identify these things that you are self-conscious about. It might be your accent, a twitch or anything. Make a list of all these triggers and write the corresponding actions that you can take or perform to minimize being self-conscious about them.

If someone asks or points out your short stature, be confident and say, something like, “Does it suck to be tall?”

#2 Ignore the jerks
Don’t waste your time on folks who constantly mock you. We have only a limited amount of time to live, enjoy and cherish our life, and you can’t afford to waste your precious time with these dorks. Realize the fact that, you are better than them in a lot of different ways and most importantly you are someone who knows how to respect and accept people for who they really are.

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#3 Dress and shoes
We see actors, and models and we are bound to think that we should also look like them to appear normal. However, if you have crossed your teens, there is little or no chance that you can grow.

You should dress for success. There are certain types of clothes that only short people can pull off. If you are sure that you look good, you are also likely to boost your self-esteem. Carry yourself in a way that will make you feel good and confident. Get rid of shoes that makes it apparent to others that, you are trying to deceive them that you are taller than you actually are. There are height shoes that you can buy, that can help you gain a few inches without others finding out. These shoes are engineered to make you look taller without anyone finding out. They are much better than wearing shoes that make it look like you are standing on a stool. These height shoes or elevator shoes are also available as casual, formal and sport shoes.

#4 Hang around with nice people
Although some condescending jerks could ridicule you for being short, most of them wouldn’t care about your height. When people actually look down to see you, realize the fact that, they really don’t look down on you. Hang around with people who are willing to understand how much of a wonderful person you are than the ones who are more concerned about how tall you are.

#5 Accept who you are
Carol Johnson, the author of “Self- esteem comes in all sizes,” says, “Real beauty encompasses what’s inside, your zest for life, your fun-loving spirit, a smile that lights up your face, and your compassion for others.”


Finally, you need to realize the fact that, you are okay as you are. You are just as unique, and lovable as anyone else on the face of this planet; with unique talents, wisdom and strength – someone of value. You need to accept and respect yourself for who you are.

By the way, did you know that a certain research has shown that short women live longer?
Aiden Korr is a enthusiastic writer and loves to motivate people by his writing.

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  1. Hey Aparna,
    Inspirational post.Thanks a lot for sharing. This will help to be confident for short people.And I'm one of them :)

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