Ease waxing pain with LMX 4, a topical anesthetic cream

Like me, if you are terrified of waxing and tend to yelp during a lip, brow, or the much dreaded Brazilian bikini wax, an over-the-counter topical anesthetic cream LMX 4 could help ease your anguish.
It works by blocking nerve signals in your body and numbs skin in 30 minutes which lasts up to an hour. Do try it. Be aware of the fact that an overdose leads to fatal consequences. And do consult a health care professional before using it and read about the consequences, side-effects and the result of an overdose from here.

About LMX 4 Topical Anaesthetic cream
FDA-Approved, LMX 4 is a safe and effective way to reduce pain and burning during laser hair removal on any body area, dermal fillers/injections, minor skin/laser surgeries, tattoo application and removal, bikini wax, wart removal etc. Additionally, it can be used to reduce pain from minor skin irritations, cuts, burns, abrasions, sunburn, poison ivy, poison oak, poison sumac hemorrhoids and insect bites. Made with 4% lidocaine, the LMX 4 Topical Anesthetic Cream uses a lipid-rich cream to hydrate your skin while reducing irritation. After applying the LMX 4 Topical Anesthetic Cream, you may notice a cooling sensation followed by increased numbness in the applied area.
LMX 4 Topical Anesthetic Cream
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LMX 4% Topical Anesthetic Cream (15 g)

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  1. Shrisha8:40 AM

    LMX 5 Cream is an anesthetic. It works by preventing nerves from sending painful impulses to the brain.

  2. unknown8:40 AM

    It Relieves pain and itching caused by anal or rectal problems. It may also be used for other conditions as determined by your doctor.


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