Top 5 Celebrities That Prove Cosmetic Surgery is a Bad Idea

(Guest Post by Andrew Salmon)
Hollywood is all about looking good. Billy Crystal (as Fernando on SNL) summed it up best by saying: “It’s better to look good than to feel good.” But does cosmetic surgery guarantee eternal beauty? Judge for yourself from this list of cosmetic surgery taken too far.

5. Cher
The first real-life Terminator, Cher is something of a medical miracle. She has had so much surgery over the years that one has to question how much of her is still human tissue. An exercise and diet fanatic, Cher would have been better of sticking to these natural means to retain tone and vitality rather than putting herself under the knife more often than Jamie Lee Curtis in her early film career.

4. Meg Ryan
Meg Ryan
Once the world’s sweetheart, this veteran actress bares only a passing resemblance to her younger self courtesy of far too much work on a face that had been, up until now, almost unbearably cute. Now armed with lips to rival Mickey Rourke’s pummelled mouth, Ryan has not improved upon what nature blessed her with. Ryan was a natural beauty who probably would have aged into a handsome woman. Instead we’re left with a cougar fresh from a fist fight. Ugh!

3. Kenny Rogers
Kenny Rogers
Kenny Rogers gambled and lost with his cosmetic surgery. Looking more like the Keebler Elf than a legendary crooner, Rogers is a classic example of stars taking surgery too far. As someone who has been in the public eye for decades are we really supposed to believe he suddenly looks 20? He doesn’t. Rather he looks like someone trying to look 20 and failing miserably. Who’s next, Willie Nelson?
2. Joan Rivers
Joan Rivers
If archaeologists were to exhume Joan Rivers’s body centuries from now, her face would look like it does now. She has had so much surgery, her face barely flinches. And, like Rogers, this veteran actress and comedian has also been around for decades. She got her big break on the Ed Sullivan show back in the 60s! She will never look like a young woman again. Turning into a goblin will not turn back the clock.

1. Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson
The poster child for cosmetic surgery taken much, much too far, the recently deceased Jackson is a cautionary tale all his own. At the end, he hardly looked human, as he felt compelled to turn his face into a fright mask. Some of you older readers might recall Jackson in his childhood, a fresh-faced, cut kid with a voice beyond his years.

We’ve since learned that all was not rosy in this man’s life, which may have spurred him to create a mask behind which he could hide when he faced the world. The results, however, are, ultimately, horrifying. To be fair, he is not alone in going to extremes to preserve one’s appearance, but he is the most high-profile example and, hopefully, a lesson to others that too much of anything can’t be good.

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  1. Unfortunately, too many people think they have to alter their appearances to live up to other people's expectations. Just proves that what you see in far too many cases is not what you get. You cited solutions for possibly what would have been the answer or cure for their issues that may have led to the numerous surgeries. Too bad they can’t or couldn't see the issues that need to be addressed and go from there.


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