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Do you have damaged, misbehaving hair that just won’t do what you want or get the healthy, shiny look? Try these simple, at-home techniques to have your hair looking and feeling its very best in no time. Having beautiful healthy hair is actually a question of hair care and maintenance then simple genetics or expensive hair salon visits.

First to know what you need to do to fix your hair, you need to understand what is wrong with your hair.
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Some of the most common signs that hair is damaged are split ends with a dry, brittle feeling. It may also appear dull and tangles fairly easy. These will usually occur as a result of several issues, namely:
  • heating and styling irons
  • over drying the hair follicles when using a blow dryer
  • heavy brushing technique  causing breakage and split ends
  • too much product which builds up and leads to a dull, heavy appearance
  • too frequent washing and stripping the hair of its natural oils that protect it from damage and breakage
  • environmental damage from salt water, sun, dirt and weather conditions
So what simple hair salon tips can you do at home in order to prevent any more damage occurring?
woman combingFor starters, give your hair the best start you can and use a clarifying shampoo regularly.  This is especially appropriate if you use a lot of product on your hair, but everyone can benefit as hair absorbs many environmental factors such as dirt and grime. Use of a clarifying shampoo and deep conditioning treatment will repair any existing damage and get your hair back to a clean slate, as it were.

Next up you want to only use heating equipment on its lowest setting possible and only when you have too.  There is no need to blow dry your hair everyday if you can avoid it as a natural dry once every few days will be much better for the overall condition of your hair. On this note, try not to brush your hair when it wet, use only a wide tooth comb to minimise breakage.

Keep your hair neat and healthy with regular trims which will eliminate the appearance of damaged ends while also making your hair appear thicker and stronger.

Finally always use the right hair products for your hair type whether it is oily, dry or normal hair.
By following these easy steps you will notice a marked improvement in the overall quality and feel of your hair.

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