November 20, 2009

Style tips from a reader

Awesome style tips to looking and feeling good. No matter what...
* If you have blemishes, use a concealer before applying foundation. Avoid putting too much powder or color on  the pimples, or they'll attract extra attention.
* To keep lipstick off your teeth, pucker up into an "O". Cover your finger with the end of a tissue and poke into your mouth. Slowly twist it out, eliminating the excess color.
* To detangle wet hair, apply an anti-tangling serum and comb out with a wide-toothed comb when partially dry. Even when hair is dry, always comb it before brushing.
* If you have a short neck don't go near blouses with Chinese collars. Instead, try clothes with dee necklines and accessorise with long necklaces.
* Smelling good is priority and there's an easy way to do it. Always wear perfume at your nerve points. the lower you wear your perfume (cleavage, ribs and knees), the more people will be able to smell it. And always remember to store your perfumes outside down.
* The best time to shop for shoes is usually at the end of the day when your feet are large (having their worst case scenario?). The first shoe you try on should be for your larger foot, which for most people, is the one opposite to the hand they write with.  Walk with your shoes on to check if they are snug an comfy. If not, try the next pair.

(Guest Post by Kirthy Dias)

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  1. Anonymous4:25 PM

    to get your hairs to look like miley cyrus's use a straightner. i will try and explain how to do this tho it takes some practice
    take a normal section from the root slide down the hair from root to tip twisting the straightners as you go, the tighter you twist the tighter the curl and the looser the twist the looser the curl, i am a hairdresser and this is how i do it
    good look and please remember to protect your hair to prevent damage and also the curl will stay in longer ghd do a good one for curling with their straightners its called iron spray and will hold your curl till you next shampoo but dont get it mixed with iron oil for straigtening, will warn you the spray will leave your hair feeling dry but it will hold the curl

  2. Put milk in the ice-cube container, like you put water to make ice-cube. To make your dull looking face look fresh and bright, rub the milk ice cube on the face. It will moisten your face and bring it some life.
    Don't use a lipstick for more than 8 months, bacteria develops in it and it is harmful for health.
    In fact, make sure you buy lipstick with no or very less lead content, as it causes cancer.

  3. Krupa4:28 PM

    use mineral make up!!!its the best make up for your skin!!! but i guess that's more like a beauty secret and not a tip.

  4. Kalpana4:29 PM

    i put moisturizer in my hand and feet mitts and wear them to bed to keep the skin soft and feeling nice
    i also use extra virgin olive oil to remove make-up and revitalize my skin

  5. Swati4:31 PM

    Always apply your moisturizer in upwards sweeping motions. Dragging it down your face will only cause skin to sag. A mini massage will boost circulation too, so rub in the cream in circular motions.

  6. Vidya4:32 PM

    If your skin gets shiny, don’t apply loads of powder, as it makes skin look clogged. Instead, mist your face with facial spritz, the blot with tissue to lift excess oil and freshen. Powder if you need to. Try The Body Shop Vitamin Face Mist

  7. OMG you are my fashion angel! I love reading about style tricks . Thanks!

  8. Kavita10:16 AM

    I never knew these tricks!!

  9. Tulasi10:19 AM

    Thank you for posting this...very helpful:)

  10. Thank you for writing this beautiful post!

  11. Narmada10:21 AM

    This is beautiful and thoughtful and so well written. Thank you for writing it - I needed to read it.

  12. Chandana10:22 AM

    ah. nice one. i needed to read this today... :)

  13. Kalindi10:24 AM

    Wonderful post.

  14. Murthy10:00 AM

    The right shoes make such a giant difference! I fit people into shoes every day and it's amazing how many people are wearing the wrong shoe!


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