Multani face packs from Banjara Herbals

An amazing cleansing mask for summer months is a mud pack – preferably a Multani Mitti face pack; it draws out excessive oil, sweat and grime from the pores and leaves the skin cleansed and free from blackheads. Two such Multani face packs from Banjara Herbals seem good.

Multani with AloeVera face pack
Aloevera is an awesome herb with soothing and moisturizing properties and when combined with Multani mitti (fuller’s earth), it helps remove impurities from the skin surface without affecting its moisture balance. As such this is a powerful re-hydrant cleansing pack that is not only effective for dry skins but also for all skin types. It’s even mentioned that you can add a tsp of honey for additional moisturization and a soothing effect.

multani with aloevera facepack from Banjara

Multani with aloevera face pack

Multani with Rose face pack
This combination of Multani mitti and Rose Petal Powder is supposed to be an anti-ageing formula utilizing protein rich compound. Rose petal powder is believed to soften coarse skin to give it a near perfect porcelain effect along with a luxurious aroma.

multani with rose face pack from Banjara

Multani with rose face pack

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  1. Suhasini8:42 AM

    I will have to try this:

  2. Chaya8:22 AM

    Wow! your description of the really makes me wanna buy them.

  3. Swati9:08 AM

    I would love to try one of these!

  4. Supreeta10:45 AM

    Thanks for sharing this! This is so going in my to-buy.


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