Ayur Face packs for summer

These face packs from Ayur are ideal for oily and acne-prone skin in summers. I have used these packs several times before and they have worked for me. But, please test them on a small area of your skin before using them on your face and neck. It’s quite natural to develop rashes if you are allergic to any ingredient in them; so be forewarned.

Tulsi face pack

Ayur Tulsi face pack

Ayur Tulsi face pack

The herb Tulsi is known to fight and ward off skin infections and as such this pack is found to be good enough for normal to oily skins.

Sandal face pack

Ayur sandal face pack

Ayur Sandal face pack

Sandalwood is a coolant and anti-bacterial, fights prickly heat and acne and makes the skin glow.

Neem face pack

Ayur neem face pack

Ayur Neem face pack

This highly antiseptic and anti-bacterial face pack is most effective for acne-prone skins and heals pimples. (See also: Himalaya neem face pack: review)

Mint face pack Ayur mint face pack

Ayur mint face pack

This aromatic face pack with its cooling and refreshing properties revives dull, tired skin.

Cucumber face pack

Ayur cucumber face pack

Ayur cucumber face pack

You need to nourish and moisturize oily skins in summers as well. Cucumber is an excellent cleanser and moisturizer and is found to be extremely beneficial as a skin-nourisher.(See also: Everyuth cucumber face pack)

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  1. Bhagyalashmi5:50 PM

    Since few days I have been using the Ayur face pack. It is a herbal face pack which is used to give a natural glow to our tired or dull face. Whenever I apply this pack on my face I feel my face very young and fresh. My face looks beautiful all the day. I use the product regularly

  2. Sarita5:52 PM

    It removes the dead skin cells & is effective for dark circles around eye area.

  3. Sulabha8:54 AM

    I'm definitely gonna try this.

  4. Heera8:57 AM

    Good review. Thanks!

  5. Kunda4:13 PM

    Sounds good to me.I am going to get this next time.

  6. Basavraj4:01 PM

    It is actually okay for its price :)


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