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Interesting facts*Women are more vulnerable to the deadly side effects of smoking than men, a lung cancer study found.
* Women who have babies in their forties and fifties tend to live longer than other women, according to a new study.
* Children who are bullied at school over several years are up to four times more likely to develop psychotic-like symptoms by the time they reach early adolescence.
* Increased daily exercise can prevent diabetes and cardiovascular disease in obese women, but getting started and maintaining new habits is a challenge. A new study shows that extra support and encouragement can help more women to exercise to and from work.
* Fathers’ mental health problems could be harmful for their kids, a new research has warned.
* Sleep disturbances are more likely in babies born to mothers with depression than in those of mothers without depression, according to a new report.
* Mushrooms 'give your body a boost to beat the flu'. Eating fungi can help fight off infections and viruses by boosting the body's immune system, research shows.
* Feeling nauseous in early pregnancy could be a sign that your baby is developing a high IQ, according to a study.
* Conscientiousness is a good thing in a mate, researchers report, not just because it's easier to live with someone who washes the dishes without being asked, but also because having a conscientious partner may actually be good for one's health.
* Women who are overweight or perform heavy lifting or have certain conditions affecting the body's connective tissue may be at increased risk of having weakened pelvic muscles, a new study suggests.
* Probiotics may help ward off postpartum obesity.
* New research shows diets rich in fruits and vegetables and low in starchy carbs can lower risk for age-related eye problems.
* A new study suggests that older adults who eat diets rich in citrus fruits, leafy greens and fish oil, but low in "glycemic index," may have a lower risk of age-related macular degeneration.
* Canadian researchers say that fortifying flour and pasta products with folic acid appears to cut the number of babies born with congenital heart disease, the most common of all birth defects.
* When it comes to equality, men may be lagging far behind women in certain matters. For instance, the latest study by the McGill University Health Centre shows that women have a more powerful immune system than men.
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  2. We are born in a smoke free world and it is just right that we strive to offer our children the same kind of environment. Be involved and help empower everyone by taking part in the yearly WORLD NO TOBACCO DAY which will be on May 31st!

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