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A part of yogic science-Mudras has recently gained importance.Treating ailments,peace of mind,personality development,spiritual growth are all aided by mudras. These may be combined with yoga postures or performed individually. Some mudras must be performed till you are cured of your ailments and your problems cease to exit.There is no particular place or specified time to perform these. The human body is composed of five elements of nature, namely Fire,Air,Sky,Earth and Water. An imbalance amongst any of these leads to physical or mental distress. Each of our fingers represents each element. Contact the fingers in different patterns to bring about balance among the elements is the main aim of Mudras. Mudras yield wonderful results in gaining complete control over the mind or attaining progress during meditation. Regularly performing mudras results in leading a healthy, enthusiastic comfortable and virtuous life. Whenever any finger comes in contact with the thumb the element of that finger get balanced. Mudras help in physical spiritual and mental upliftment; enhances beauty and talent.

Mudras can be performed regardless of the age and gender of the performer. As the mudras performed by the left hand influence the right side of the body and vice versa. It is important to perform with both the hands Fingers should not be pressed against each other,just a light touch yields incredible results. Pranamudra,gnanamudra and Pruthvi mudra may be performed everyday The remaining mudras are performed till their cause is served mudras are in fact inexpensive solutions to many health problems. Mudras performed to heal the body ailments reveal excellent results performed for 45 minutes.

Gyana Mudra

Gyan mudraIt is the most important among the mudras, It affects the brain specially the pituitary and pineal gland. Gyana mudra can be demonstrated when the tip of the index finger comes in contact with the tip of the thumb. The other fingers should remain upright. Try to concentrate on the tip of the fingers in contact.

Memory, concentration and grasping power improve,It helps to quit unpleasing habits like shaking the limbs Male fertility can be reversed. Peace of mind is attained. It is also recommended for persons suffering from neurological disorders.

Vayu mudra
Vayu mudra
This can be demonstrated when the tip of the thumb touches the back of the index finger. This mudra decreases the air element there by providing peace of mind. It is an efficient tool to control paralysis,For chronic cervical spondylysis, uncontrolled movements of thumbs, traumatic pain, Parkinson and arthritis this mudra proves helpful. The imbalance of air element is responsible for various unhealthy conditions and also fickle mindedness It is important to balance the air component in the body according to yoga and Ayurveda.

Note-this mudra should be performed in diseased condition only. Discontinue the performance after you are cured.
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  1. Anonymous9:34 AM

    Mudra is the ancient Yogic art and science of gesturing and sealing vital Pranic energies in the human body for health, well being and spiritual evolution. These are advanced techniques designed to improve neuromuscular coordination, culture human emotions and still the restless mind.

  2. Nagesh9:10 AM

    What yoga does is harmonize the mind with the body. This results in real quantum benefits of yoga. It is now an open secret that the will of the mind has enabled people to achieve extraordinary physical feats, which proves beyond doubt the mind and body connection

  3. Subhas4:07 PM

    I’ll have to give these a try.

  4. Vidya4:20 PM

    The power of yoga lies in you. You have to practice and learn how to look beyond what is materialistic and earthly, to see a world that can be peaceful and stress-free

  5. Prachi4:24 PM

    Many more have come forward claiming that the power of yoga brought them back to form. They feel lighter in spirit, less to no stress, and many, many more positive changes in their perspective and physical aspect. Some have even reported having been able to lose weight, quit smoking, conquer fears, and improve overall performance

  6. Vivek5:41 PM

    Mudras are said to be a set of yogic exercises that resembles body language. It is an expression of energy passing through the body and there are several Mudras, each intended to stimulate a different part of body.The science of Mudras or gestures is an integral part of Yoga. Mudras are based on touch therapy and their regular practice helps to balance the five elements

  7. If you can practice Yoga for an hour every day, you'll live to be 120. That's at least 60 years more. - And active, cheerful all the while.

  8. Rajendra11:04 AM

    Our fingers have enormous power, and the right positioning of the fingers, has the potential to influence the body’s vital force, and to direct it to the different parts of the body, to bring about balance and harmony.

  9. Anonymous11:07 AM

    Mudras are simple hand gestures. Simple positioning of the fingers for prescribed periods of time everyday, revitalizes the entire body, heals diseases, aids in preventing a host of disorders, infuses you with a feeling of calmness and peace, and leads you on to the path of spiritual awakening.

  10. Poovi3:23 PM

    Prithvi Mudr -- Makes body sturdy. One experiences happiness.
    Method---Join the tip of the thumb and ring finger.

  11. Yoga Teacher3:25 PM

    Prana mudr--Helps in pumping the life force into your body. Beneficial for all types of diseases. Imparts special power to the eyes.
    Method---Join the tip of the thumb with tip of little and ring finger. Keeping other two fingers straight.

  12. Expert3:29 PM

    Hold the finger-positions with both hands, at the same time. This will have a more powerful effect than doing a mudra with just one hand.

  13. Rajeev10:34 AM

    Yogamudra Asana is beneficial in constipation and removes seminal weakness.

  14. Shaila10:44 AM

    For diabetes the best mudras are Apana mudra and Surya mudra

  15. Hi Sir,
    Please mention the yoga mudras to remove unwanted facial hair

    1. I'm not aware of any mudras that might get rid of facial hair. You can opt for Laser treatment for permanent hair removal, but it's very expensive and you have to get it done at a repute clinic for it to be most effective and without any hazards. In the meantime, you might want to try using this homemade oil that could possibly help.


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