Gingko herb and vitiligo

Several natural ingredients like black pepper have been found to work wonders on the dreaded and embarrassing skin pigmentation disorder vitiligo (leucoderma), though more research is required in this area to ascertain the efficacy of these ingredients. A recent review reveals that the Gingko biloba ( a Chinese herb) taken orally and the amino acid L-phenylalanine, administered along with light exposure may prove to be quite effective in treating this disease. Drs. Orest Szczurko and Heather S. Boon of the University of Toronto report in the BioMed Central journal Dermatology: "Gingko's apparent efficacy without the need for phototherapy, thus eliminating the adverse events inherent with phototherapy, make it a therapeutic option worth investigating," They further emphasize for more research into the use of this herb as well as L-phenylalanine.

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  1. Health Expert9:21 AM

    Homeopathy helps treat vitiligo holistically

  2. Neeraj9:20 AM

    Does anyone know whether they've found a cure yet for Vitiligo?

  3. Shahid9:21 AM

    If you mean complete eradication of the disease from you system, that is a tricky matter. Vitiligo results from a derangement of your normal defense mechanisms against infection. The body starts producing antibodies against pigment producing cells of its own skin. No definite causes are known, and so are the remedies. This is a generalized abnormality of your immune system, and there are currently no acceptable permanent means to halt this process.


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