How to acquire a svelte figure

Guest post by RJ

A beautiful body is not just a matter of chance,but a life-long effort of discipling ones body and mind. A svelte body is a sum of total of several factors, most important of them being exercise,diet and posture.
People leading a sedentary life are more prone to amass fat at the wrong place and lose their body shape. Aerobics, asanas, skipping, jogging, swimming--all these are very helpful in burning calories. But a physician must be consulted before starting any of these, especially,if the person is above forty and has health problems like heart diseases slipped disc or spinal injury. A regular half an hour to forty-five minutes brisk walking in the morning is ideal for people of all age groups. Given below are a few simple exercises:
1) To get rid of a double-chin, put out your tongue and try to touch your nose. Repeat this 10-15 times.Sleeping on a low pillow can also prevent one from getting a double-chin
2) Lift your hands above your head, stretch to the full height, then bend and try to touch the toes. Repeat 10-15 times.
3) Lie on your back, keep your hands on the sides, lift your legs in the air and move them in the cycling motion.
4) Lie on your back, lift your legs up and make scissor-like movements.

Do not expect miracles to happen. There is no short-cut way to weight-reduction but do not be discouraged.
* Have a balanced diet.Fix a time for your meals and to be regular.Do not over eat.
* Do not go for snacks in between meals.
* Look for low caloric foods.
* Eat slowly.No drinks with meals.
* Avoid fried foods and sweets.
* Do not eat or drink just before going to bed.
*A dignified and erect posture is not only very pleasing to the eyes but also necessary for maintaining a beautiful figure.
*Maintain the right posture while sitting or walking. Walk upright,shoulders lifted, stretch yourself to your fullest height.
*If this is a problem, balance a heavy book on the head and practice walking slowly in a straight line. Practice this for a week and you will find your slouched-walk disappearing.
*A constant effort and a strong determination is absolutely necessary for acquiring a svelte figure. It is a tough job but it is worth it.
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  1. Anonymous2:58 PM

    Exercise is necessary for good health. It makes you active and alert in your day to day activities. Exercise promotes digestion, lightness of the body, sturdiness of the body, reduces fat in the body and increases capability to do work. It increases the tone of the muscles, balance of autonomic, voluntary and involuntary muscles, increases the metabolic rate. Exercise makes lungs to function properly and also the decrease of gastrointestinal accumulations.

  2. Babanad7:10 PM

    Great article. Such simple things but something we have all forgotten today. Thanks


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