Our face reflects our health

Deepika PadukoneOur face is our fortune and the mirror of our soul. It reflects our moods, thoughts and general health. We knew about this all along and it’s so true. This interesting article from DailyMail elaborates just on that and is worth a read.


* Your skin produces extra oil during daytime to protect it from temperature changes, dirt and micro-organisms, as well as oxidation caused by UV light and pollutants; while at night your skin 'breathes' to rid itself of waste as well as repair any damage.

Your face also reveals the state of the internal organs.

* A red, bulbous, greasy nose, possibly with prominent veins, may indicate high blood pressure, heart and liver disorders or excess alcohol consumption.

* Yellow skin can indicate disorders of the liver, spleen,

* A pale face may mean weak glands, congested and inactive liver and/or anaemia.

* Cracks at the corner of the mouth can show Vitamin B2 deficiency and digestive disorders.

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  1. Nanda8:28 PM

    "Our appearance reflects our inner health,"Very often, what we first see with skin, hair and nails is simply a reflection of inner imbalances."

  2. Anonymous4:24 PM

    Stress, junk food and lack of sunlight will more then likely cause a break out, which isn’t going to boost your confidence. Take control, and use a cleansing mask as well as keeping up your usual skin care routine. Looking radiant will make you feel much better then being pale and pasty!


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