Alternative uses of lipgloss

Most of us do keep lipglosses / lipbalms handy … but an eyeliner in our purses – that’s not so common. Not to worry. Use your lipgloss as an eyeliner and let your eyes get that glow. Just apply it along your upper lashes. And unlike most liners, gloss is sheer and shimmery, giving eyes a natural-looking twinkle. You might have heard of the antibacterial properties of honey and how it treats and hastens healing in cases of cuts, wounds, minor infections and burns. But you cannot go around carrying a bottle of honey. The trick is to use your lipbalm, which is readily available at all times. For tiny nicks, and paper cuts or shaving cuts just a smudge of lip balm over the affected area can be very soothing.

By the way here’s a recipe for homemade cranberry lipgloss, that helps exfoliate dead skin from your lips.

Homemade Cranberry Lip Gloss
10 fresh cranberries
One tablespoon of almond oil
One teaspoon of honey
* Take all ingredients in a bowl and place it in a microwave for two minutes.

* After this mash and stir the mixture.

* Let it cool; then use a fine sieve to strain it.

* Your lipgloss is ready to use; store it in a small airtight container.

* Apply on your lips as needed.

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  1. Pratima5:28 PM

    thanks Aparna, for your wonderful recipe on lip gloss yar

  2. Taramati5:32 PM

    this sounds like great idea!I will try this week end!

  3. Unknown10:03 AM

    Home-made Lip Gloss
    Mix one teaspoon Glycerine with half teaspoon Almond Oil.
    Glide over your lips for a natural shine!

  4. Sandhya9:10 AM

    Keep a lip gloss handy - apply in the morning and take it with you to reapply throughout the day.

  5. Karuna9:37 AM

    Wow, it looks very-very good!


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